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The Savers Upcoming Journey

April 12, 2018
By Kaylynsmith BRONZE, Temple City, California
Kaylynsmith BRONZE, Temple City, California
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I felt his soft skin.  I saw his crystal blue eyes.  I combed his delicate blonde hair.  Until, it was over.  We left.  Summer of 2017 was the best.  I met two tiny, important people.  People perceived as voiceless because they actually can’t speak, but I know they can.  But only to each other.  Regardless of how far they are from each other, their voices are ever so clear.  Crystal clear.
A cry saved a life.  A cry produced by a sentence.  They’re un-knowledged brains communicated a saving sentence. 
“Hey, i’m having trouble breathing.”
Then came the cry.
Lights in the opposite room turned on and footsteps proceeded.  It was nighttime and summer was long gone by now.  A light haired women came into the room.
Is it a hungry cry?  No.  Does he need a new diaper?  No.  The unimaginable was not imagined.  A blue look painted his pale skin.  Oxygen was not succeeding in entering his body.  A look of terror overcame the light haired woman’s tired eyes.
“Honey, get in here, somethings wrong!”
The initial communicator silenced.  His job was done.  He felt complete because he knew.  He’s the only one in that room who knew.  Well, the light hair woman knew something was wrong, and so did her husband, but not like the communicator. 
The separation began that night.  Three went one way, and the other one went the complete opposite.  The air was still not succeeding.  Oxygen masks covered his mouth, but not his voice.  Hours away, but the communication could reach from any place. 
At this point, the communicator, or the saver, saw something absolutely horrendous.  At the door stood a robber.  But this robber did not want money or expensive items.  This robber wanted the saver.  Long story short, the robber got what they wanted, but the communication stood stronger than ever.
“Hey, how are you doing?  Can you actually breathe?” asked the saver.
“Yeah, i’m still in the hospital, but it’s weird here.  Everyone keeps feeding me and they’re all dressed weird.”
“I’m in a weird place, too.  I have no clue where I am.  I’m with a girl who looks at me and calls me her new son.”
“Wow.  How strange.  I have to get some sleep.  Goodnight.”
“Goodnight.  I love you.”
Days pass and they still occupy the hospital.  The return home would come soon, though.  However, the light hair woman, or their mom, and her husband have not left the hospital room.  Their knowledge of the saver has not been fulfilled yet because if it had been, they would have left.  Not without their son, though.  Their son had been cleared to leave the hospital and his breathing was under control.  Or so they thought. 
Journeying home, they played kid tunes that were not understood by their son.  The only thing he could understand was the voice of the saver. 
“Hey, I really have no clue where I am.  I want to go home and see you, mom, and dad again.  I don’t like this.”
The saver got no response.
“Hello?”  “You’re scaring me!” “Are you okay?”
The saver cries again.  But this time it does no good.  His, “new mom” did not know, and his mom was not there. 
Nothing could be done.
“Yes, i’m fine.  I’m better than fine.  I feel renewed.  Refreshed.”
“Thank goodness.”  His tears soon dried up. “So are you guys on your way to come get me?” asked the saver.
“Well, i’m not.  I can’t.  I can’t do anything anymore.  I’m completely different.  I look different.  Feel different.”
‘What do you mean?  We look the same.”
“Not anymore.  We don’t just look the same, we are the same.  You can’t see me anymore, but I can see you.  You will always feel me, though.”
“Mom and dad will tell you all about it once you understand their language, but i’m here now.  I’m here to tell you that I will always be here.”
“What do you mean?”
“I am extra strong now.  No longer weak.  I have enough strength to get you through this next journey.  I’m the only one who will get you through it.  I’m going to get you back to mom.”
“Aren’t they coming for me soon?”
“They want to.  But, i’m here, but I won’t be when you get back.  Whenever you get back.”  “I will get you home to mom.”
“Okay.  Goodnight.  I love you.” replied the saver
“Goodnight.  I love you too.  See you when you join me.”
The parents sat in agony, in the waiting room of the hospital, again.  The happy tunes were shut off.  They lost one kid, forever.
Ring.  Ring.
“Hey, I have some news.  The robbers took him.”

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