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The Day I Saw The Devil at Work

April 8, 2018
By Kat.Tacos3 BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
Kat.Tacos3 BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
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I close my black composition notebook. I look around the classroom. I see my best friend Kate writing intensely in her journal. Probably writing about her ex since he broke up with her for Taylor. My teacher, Ms.Pine, was writing her fact of the day. “ On April 20, 1865, Chicago’s Crosby Opera House opens.” I never found the fact of the day very interesting. They are usually about somebody famous that I have never heard of. I wish my school could be a fact of the day. Yet, that’s a fantasy. Why would anyone be interested in a school in Littleton, Colorado? “Alright guys, anyone want to share what they wrote?” I sink in my seat. If I have to share, my life would be over. “ Kate, you have anything you want to share?” I see Kate stand up with confidence. I wish I had her confidence and courage. “ So, I hate Taylor for these reasons…” As Kate rants I think about my high school. “Columbine High School”. Not really anything special about it. At least for now. My brother always hated my high school. He would always make jokes about how much badly he wanted to leave. I never really listened to him that much. All he does is talk trash and never any logic. As I look up at the clock I notice no time has passed by. It’s still 11:15. “ Thank you Kate for your words of… inspiration?” As Ms. Pine opens up her laptop to start today’s lesson, I felt something. I felt something burning in my chest. I ignored it as best as I could. I look up at the time, 11:19. Only four minutes has passed.
     Shots were fired. Shots. 188 to be exact. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had killed 12 students and wounded more than 20 other people. Columbine High School, April 20, 1999. This is now our fact of the day every year on this day. I guess my dream came true. I guess my dream about being the fact of the day actually happened. I swear I saw the devil at work. I saw him come up and cause this. I saw his evilness and his wickedness. I saw his eyes and how pinched looking they were. The day everyone saw the devil at work is a day I will never forget.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was recent events that have happened in the United States. I felt like writing a story like this from a students point of view, even if the student is fictional, it helps people who have never been in that situation see what it’s like. 

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