March 28, 2018
By Natalie0922 BRONZE, Turner, Maine
Natalie0922 BRONZE, Turner, Maine
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2:15 am and I can’t sleep. I’m tossing and turning, trying to fall back asleep but I just can’t. I was too excited! In two days, I can finally see Jack. It feels like forever but it has only been 3 weeks since he left. I just miss him so much. When we first got together it was about 4 years ago at the beach. As we watched the sunset, he turned to me and pulled out a box and said, “Miracle, we’ve known each other for about a month and every time I am with you I feel I feel warm inside so will you take my ring and be my girlfriend?”. I took the ring and said “yes, I will be your girlfriend.”. But now he left for his job in Paris for photography. I woke up with zero hours of sleep. I got up and thought ‘One more day I can do this’. I picked up my clothes and took a long shower. I got out of shower and checked my phone and it had a message from Hope. ‘Instead of meeting at the mall can we meet at your house?’. I quickly responded with ‘Yeah that’s fine.’ Not even 5 minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. I raced downstairs and opened the door to see a smiling Hope. I looked down and saw she was holding big bags. She saw the confused look on my face and she said “since you are leaving leaving tomorrow I thought I could do your makeup.”. I shook my head “ Hope, I was just thinking we could do something else”.  “Awww, come on, please?” she begged. I caved in and said “fine.”. We walked upstairs toward my room. Hope put everything down and picked up the first item. “So…. on a scale from one to ten how excited are you?”. With no hesitation, I responded with “10”. We continued talking until she had finished my makeup. I looked in the mirror and saw a natural makeup look on face. It was already was already 8pm and Hope was getting ready to go. We both walked downstairs, and Hope gave me a hug, like she was never gonna see me again. “I hope you enjoy your trip! See you when you get back!” she said, After she left, I got ready to go to bed, even though it was 8pm. I woke up really early again, but it was because my flight was really early. I took a quick shower and put my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my suitcase and my backpack, ran downstairs and put my shoes on and ran out the door.

I walked into the airport and got everything I needed and headed to the seating area. I sat down waiting for them to call my gate number. To pass the time, I got some food to eat and went on my phone. The wait felt like forever but they finally called my gate number. “Gate 8 is now now boarding.” I looked down at my ticket ‘seat 3F’. I set my stuff down and texted Jack: ‘I just got on the plane. I will text you when I have landed.’ A few minutes later, he responded ‘Ok, I can’t wait to see you.’  I looked out the window as we were taking off. Minutes passed then the plane started shaking. “ Sorry guys, it seems we are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please remain calm while we try and figure out what is going on.’’ I pulled out my phone and dialed Jack’s number - it went straight to voicemail. “ Hey I just gotta tell you something; the pilot just told us that there is something wrong with the plane. If I don’t make it...”, I breathed in the last bit of oxygen, “Just know that you were my first and only true love and I love you with all my heart.” I looked out the window as the plane was going down. The next thing I knew, the plane crashed.

Jack’s Perspective

I just got a call from Mericle I played it, tears streaming down my face I whispered back “ I love you too.” Just a few minutes later my phone rang I slowly picked it up and answered “hello” I said. “ Hello, Is this Jack.?” “ Yes.” I responded “This is the hospital we are calling to tell you we have Mericle Ann Woods is in the hospital she was in a plane crash just over an hour ago and she might not make it.” Hearing her say Mericle might not make It puts more tears in my eyes. “ You can come down to the hospital and say your goodbyes” I hung up on her almost immediately and threw my shoes on and ran out of the door.

I finally pulled up to the hospital I shut off my car and ran inside no one was at the front desk “ HELLO IS THERE ANYONE HERE.” someone walked out of the back room “ Yes sorry to keep you waiting, What do you need.” I am hear to see Mericle Ann Woods what room is she in.” I said out of breath “ She is in room 213” I ran as fast as I could to find the room I pressed the elevator button the doors did not open “ Come on.” they still didn’t open “I can’t wait anymore” I ran up the stairs. I turned and saw in bold numbers 213 I hesitated before walking into the room. I saw her there fighting for her life. I slowly walked over to her and sat down in the chair. I locked  her hand into mine. I opened my mouth but nothing came out “Mericle this is all my fault if I didn’t go to paris none of this would of happened.” She slowly moved her hand “ Please...Don’t….Blame…..Yourself.” she said weakly “ Mericle It is my fault and I am sorry, If I would of.” “Don’t.” she cut me off. “ I have something to give you, Mericle Ann Woods you have been there for me through my  tough times and I don’t think I can live without you...Will you Marry me?” I pulled a box out of my pocket and opened It I saw a tear slide down her “ Yes….of course I’ll...marry you.”  I...Love...You Jack and I always will.” her hand slipped out of mine the monitor started beeping and went silent No this cannot be happening I screamed at the top of my lungs “SOMEONE HELP ME.” The doctors came in a pushed me out of the room they closed the door and I was left outside I can still feel her hand in mine. I walked to the waiting area and sat down with my leg bouncing up and down than a doctor came out. “ I am sorry we lost her and your baby.” He said My eyes widened “ Mericle was pregnant?” “Yes and I am so sorry.” I walked out of the hospital and drove to where I first asked her out. I sat down in the sand a thought about all of the memories we had together, I just can't believe she is gone.

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