The Fight

March 27, 2018
By Mr.Seven BRONZE, San Elizario, Texas
Mr.Seven BRONZE, San Elizario, Texas
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"Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality"

Chapter 1

I was born sometime near the small town of Sina just 3 miles from the castle and city of Elizari. My father was a farmer and sheriff when the need arose and my mother was of noble descent. At a young age I was taught the code of the nobility and how it pertained to everyday life. “James what is word around town”, my mother had said and I replied “There was a man convicted of fraud against the king and would be publically whipped for his transgressions”. My mother looked out the window to see a mob pass our home as they lead the accused man to the public whipping post. “James let it be known that a noble must be able to see through the façade of and see the situation as is. A noble will resort to violence only when the situation shall arise.  A noble is understanding and he will never disrespect his fellow man”. The whip was heard as loud as cannon fire as the crowd cheered for blood. I was seven years old and even to this day I still hear the echo of the whip and the crowd crying out for bloody murder. I learned that humanity was cruel and that brothers would turn on each other in the drop of a hat. The perspective of society especially in the poor town of Sina was that money was everything and messing with others income would warrant severe punishment. In the later years men, women, and children were regularly hung for all to see for the belief of money ruling over society with an iron fist. By the year 1620 when I was of age my mother gave me my grandfather’s armor, his sword and lance. I was bestowed the title of knight and I mounted my stead and road into town for the last time.  As I made my way into town I heard a local crier speaking to a crowd, “The princess of Elizari has been confined to a tower by the king after an outburst about her arranged marriage”. “Elizari castle I shall ride at once” I said as I looked back once more at the town of Sina before I started my journey to the castle. It would be a great journey but I knew no matter the consequence of my actions I could not let the princess suffer like that poor man so many years ago. Had I know that this journey would have changed my life forever” I would have made the journey a lot sooner.

     Chapter 2

By the time the sun was setting on the first day of my journey I had made it to the city of Casa Blanca where I was given a warm welcome, “Welcome knight to what do I owe the unexpected honor”. “I had to make a stop along my journey to Castle Elizari”, I said as I dismounted my horse and lead him into a nearby stable. “What business do you have at the castle if I may ask”, he asked almost reluctantly as if he were embarrassed. “I am going to pay the princess a visit, o overheard that she was locked in a tower”. He remained silent almost as he was having difficulty comprehending my motives. “Sir… the king is a terrible father and her groom is twice as evil as the king. If anything her imprisonment was for her own safety”, “Her own safety explain yourself” I said almost demanding the answer. “The king abuses her my lord physically and if rumors are to be believed sexually as well, and her fiancé is equally or if not surpasses his highness by many leagues”. That scene from my youth returned, a poor defenseless women being treated like absolute garbage. Granted being that women were treated as slaves, a noble women or any women for that matter does not deserve to be treated in this regard. The governor of the city gave me a place to rest for the night and allowed me to partake in all the delinquencies of the region. I filled up and soon I found myself in my bed thinking about the type of men that I would ultimately had to confront. All I could imagine was a vile and immoral man who imprisoned his only daughter in the tower and I heard the phrase who will save you now. Such a phrase would repeat in my mind for so long that I would arise several times from my slumber in a fit, almost if I felt the fear of this poor young lady. The final time I got dressed and put my armor on and rode off from this town as the morning sun arose over the horizon. “Don’t worry young lady, fear not for soon I shall rescue you from the eternal imprisonment that was thrown onto you. I hardly knew ye oh fair maiden but rest assure that I shall free you or I will die trying”.

     Chapter 3

I arrived in the city of Elizari to find the town in revolt with the royal army. “By order of the king he demands 1000 pieces of silver for the wedding of his only daughter”, said the captain mounted on his horse. I approached the scene while still listening as the mayor spoke up, “We refuse to pay for a wedding that the devil has organized”, the captain replied, “We have other ways to retrieve the money”. He dismounted his horse and withdrew his sword and was about to strike this poor man down but as he came swinging down I stopped his blade with my shield. “What is the meaning of this”, I said as I disarmed the captain, “We are here to collect the debt of these peasants and we will not leave until we get what we came here for”. I threw them a pouch of silver, “now leave these people alone and go back to the jackal that sent you.” They left not long after I gave them their silver but the town’s people rejoiced not over the fact that somebody paid off all their debt they found themselves in rejoice because I stood up for their rights to say no. The mayor invited me to a nearby pub to celebrate and not wanting to be rude I accepted and was lead to the pub. “Free drinks on me”, the bartender said as I moved to the back of the room to plan out what exactly I was going to save the princess. “I’ve seen that look on the face of many great men, but all of them perished in the pit of despair”, a women had said that had taken a seat in front of me while I was plotting my escape plan. “I’ve seen many grades of men attempt to save her and all have failed. Will you fail too or will you be the light in an ever growing darkness. I can see the pain you hide and I can see the determination in your eyes”, she said as she grabbed my hand and opened it. She placed an emulate that glowed an electric blue color, “ Go now you don’t have a lot of time left to break the spell put the amulet around her neck”. I clenched the amulet and I knew that today was the day, today is where is all ends, her imprisonment and more than likely the lives of the men that imprisoned her as well. I left the pub and continued my journey to what I can only describe is a hell. A fortified torture palace that severs to kill the souls of all who enter, but nonetheless I continued to ride on. I reached the castle of Elizari in the year 1628.

      Chapter 4

The draw bridge opened and I was met with 20 solders surrounding me. “The king has been expecting you and so have I’ a figure emerged from the crowd. “So you’re the warden I’ve had the displeasure of hearing about”, I said with a sarcastic tone in my voice, “And you’re the knight that’s come to steal my bride”, in reply. “Look I am here for the lady step aside and nobody will get hurt, decide to stand in my and I cannot guarantee your safety”, I drew my sword and he immediately struck, and the final battle had begun. I could tell that he was inexperienced in combat because he swung his sword in blind fury rather than concentrated strikes, I parried such strike and quickly disarmed him. I slashed his legs out from under him and he screamed bloody murder as I placed my sword on his throat. “How does it feel to be at the mercy of someone else? How does it feel to finally be experiencing the pain of your victims? I pushed the saber into his throat before he could answer me and now I had to rescue the princess. I looked at my hand and the amulet glowed brighter, as I ran to the tower and pushed everyone and everything out of my way until I reached the chamber door. I kicked the door down and said “Princess I’ve come to set you free”. She ran and hugged me tightly, “I’m so glad that came young knight I owe you my life”, I said as I placed the amulet around her neck as she teared up. “No need to thank me, I did is so you could be free at last”, I said as we she kissed me and for a moment time had stopped. All of a sudden there was a flash of blue light and a shockwave went throughout the land and us kissing in the tower was a moment that would be immortalized in time.


The world had started to melt around us and it was turned into a modern home setting and we were standing by the Christmas tree; and we were turned to ordinary people. I read the calendar and the date was December 24th 2016 and it was almost mid-night. I looked into her eyes and said, “Have I ever told you how much I love you”, as the moon shined over us. She nodded and we kissed again at exactly 12 am Christmas Day.
And though the night love had shined to light the way of those who loved.

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