Busy Brain Silent Voice

March 27, 2018
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Students all over the country are now choosing which colleges they should attend. For Cara it's easy, she always knew that she wanted to be a neurosurgeon and attend John Hopkins University. In order to reach her goal, she became an intern at the local hospital in her town. Cara spent so much time at that hospital that she often skipped school to work. However, twelve days after being accepted to her dream school she passed out unexpectedly. She was rushed to the hospital that she had been interning at and was put in the best room there. But after 15 hours of still being passed out, they announced her to be comatose. And now after six years, she is able to walk for the first time since the incident. Cara never graduated high school, never went to John Hopkins, never became a neurosurgeon, and can never talk. Never again will anyone hear Cara's strong voice and how she was really bad at singing. The doctors never found out why she passed out or why all of this happened after. I am Collete and my sister is Cara. Cara’s story does not have a happy ending, she doesn’t get a prince charming, and she will never get her dream. That’s it. The End.

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