The six

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

This story dates back to September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945 during the world War II when the U.S. was fighting Germany during this time there was a team of pilots that flew a Grumman F4F. This team of six
Were determined to take down the German armies as best as they could.
So far they have taken more than 10,000 German transport and ships all together .Ace, Walker, Dino, Eagle, Rambo and Zeus
These were The Six.

Chapter 1: The Patrol:
During a midday patrol, the team of six went on to test out the new airplanes, they had just received from the government.
  They had been flying for about a hour or so.

After about five minutes after coming back to base from there Patrol,.
They rested  only for about two hours.They heard what sounded like a earthquake ,but when the team got outside of there army tent they could see German airplanes flying around the base

,dropping lightning like bombs on the base.When the alarm sounded The Team hopped in there planes before the Germans can get the runway. Ace took lead followed behind Dino,eagle,rambo and zeus. When the team got in the air they could see around ten or so German pilots flying around so the team started taking the germans down 2 at a time until there was no more of them.

When the team landed the planes you could see all the damage that was caused from the Germans. So during that evening Eagle and Zeus went on patrol to locate the German base where the Germans had came from. When the base was located they mapped were it was. It was approximately 18 miles from the home base. When they got back to the base they started training and working out strategies to wipeout the German’s base.

Chapter 2
The Attack
When the six were training hard and sleepless to make strategies they have been training for about three weeks or so to get everything from combat to piloting.
They sent Zeus to the German base as a spy, to find weak points in the german base and to steal important documents from the German
Allgemeines to find opportunities to strike and catch transports of goods and weapons.

The day has come for the U.S. to strike it the early morning when the sun is rising. Everybody at home base is getting ready for battle they know that this is going to be a tough fight because they know what these germans can do. So they started heading to the camp the team of six in the air and about 1,000 to 5,000 U.S. troops on the ground on there way there, they could feels nervousness and many other feelings.


Chapter 3
The Arrival
After everybody has arrived, A german Allgemeine “calls out
wir sind unterlegener Angriff”. After  awhile of fighting Ace calls over a receiver to the the rest of the six “I've been hit , i've been hit Calls out Ace”.  ‘’Stay in there try to land  Zeus says’’  Soon after  zeus tells Ace this ,Ace crashes But the team lands as fast as they could. ,Zeus runs over and tries to get Ace out of the plane, when he succeeds Ace is still alive. “ Zeus get closer  Ace says.” “ “Zeus whispers in Ace’s ear i will make sure i take care of your family and make sure if they need anything i will provide.”
“Please give this letter to my family “Ace  says.”
“ i will Ace , i will Zeus says.”
“Zeus my real name is tom wagner Ace says.”

Shortly after Tom  passes away, The five all gathered around the burial of ace in respect to there lost friend.

Chapter 4
The visit

After a week or so after Ace’s death Zeus took some time off to head down to new york to deliver the letter that Ace has given him to give to his wife. When Zeus arrived at Tom’s house, Tom’s wife Mrs.wagner came out of the house asking where is Tom, Zeus had to break the news to Mrs.wagner, She got to her knees and started crying about the loss.
Zeus helped her to her feet and started saying i'll be there for u anytime u need me. Zeus started his thirteen  hour trip back to Germany to home base


Chapter 5
The coda

After a few years the five have been remembering Ace. Before and after a mission. Ten years the six have been a team, The five haven’t retired until five years after the death of ace. The five decided to retire and  live in the same town,  they could be there for each other they would go on the be the team that everybody will remember the names and who they were. This was The six..

The author's comments:

This peice is telling about war a and a team of six that we batteling the germans.

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