Outlasting the Bear

March 26, 2018
By JT1234 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
JT1234 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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It was the middle of summer and Daniel’s 21st birthday was coming up and his friends new he loved to go camping, so his best friends, Dianna, Jacob, Ryan, and Charlie all planned a camping trip for him. They had decided to rent a cabin in a forest to the north. They told him that they going on the trip at his birthday party and he was so happy, he couldn’t wait.
            A few days after Daniel’s party, Daniel and Jacob were finishing packing the car with supplies  as the rest of the group were getting the food and drinks for the trip. As Daniel and Jacob finished the were both leaning on the car letting the summer breeze cool them off from loading the car with everyones bags. A few minutes later the rest of Daniel’s friends pulled up with the food and drinks for the trip, then they started the long journey to the cabin.
           They reached the small town that was closest to the cabin they made sure they had enough of everything they needed, because the cabin was still a few miles away from the town.
When they got out of the cars they were greeted by a local, “ you must be the kids you rented out the cabin”,“yes we are” , Daniel responded sounding excited.
           “Well be carefull I was huntin up near their few days ago and I saw a bear”, the local said.
            “A bear?”, Jacob responded, sounding scared,
            “Aye a bear, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it, the bear wasn’t that close to that cabin” the local said, “ I’m just sayin keep an eye out”,
            “Ok, we will”, Daniel replied. After the conversation with the local they continued to the cabin.
By the time they got to the cabin it was getting dark. While Daniel and Jacob were unloading all of their bags and their friend’s bags the rest of them started to make a fire in the fire pit outside of the cabin to make smores. The sun had fully sank beneath the trees when Daniel and Jacob had put the last of their stuff in the cabin, they were going to go outside to meet everyone else by the fire, but when they went out there no one was there.
Jacob called for them, he got no response. Then suddenly he heard the rustle of some bushes, then he looked back and noticed that Daniel was gone to. Now he was scared and started calling out for Daniel, once again he got no response. After calling out a few more times he started to run back to the cabin and get his phone to call someone, he got to the cabin and was about to open the door but the door wouldn’t open. Jacob could hear more rustling from the bushes and four dark figures appeared running at him and he screamed.
Suddenly the figures stopped and and started laughing, he didn’t know what to do then he realized that the figures were just his friends.
“You screamed like a little girl!” Daniel said laughing. Jacob was relieved that it was just his friends but angry at the same time.

“Come on guys,” Jacob said annoyed,“we’ve only been here for like an hour.”
“Yeah well, we couldn’t resist,” Dianna said. They all laughed, except Jacob, as they all gathered around the fire.
          After they were all asleep, Daniel heard a noise outside of the cabin and went to see what made the noise. As Daniel crept to the window of the cabin he heard another noise similar to the previous noise. When he looked out of the  window he couldn't believe his eyes. There was a massive bear outside digging in their trash.
            “Daniel, what are you doing” Jacob said tiredly.
“Hush!”, Daniel whispered urgently “come here”.  
“Alright” Jacob whispered while he was getting up, “what's up with you.”
“There is a bear outside!” Daniel said. Jacob turned white
“A……. Bear?!” Jacob said.
“Yeah I think it might be the one that guy told us about, you know in town.”
“He said it wasn't that close to here”,  Jacob said.
            “What are we going to do,”  Daniel said worried.
There was a very loud noise and the rest of them woke up, Daniel and Jacob looked out the window and saw that the bear had climbed on their car trying to get some of the trash they had left in there.
           “What's going on”, Charlie said. There was another noise that came from outside.
           “That bears on my car”, Ryan said angrily. “Everyone quiet!” Daniel said. “We don't want that bear to come in hear, its distracted with all of are trash, so what are we going to do?”
           “Can we call someone?” Dianna said.
           “Good idea”, Daniel said grabbing his phone. “Darn, I don't have any service!”, Daniel sighed, “does anyone have service.
            They all checked their phones, none of them had service. Suddenly there was a loud bang at the door. They all went quiet.  Daniel quietly step by step went to the window. When he looked out he jumped back quickly like something scared him.
            “The bear is at the door!” Daniel said.
            “Let's just sneak out one of the windows and get to the car?” Dianna said.
            “No”, Ryan said “the car doesn't look like it will work, the bear dented and broke most of it
“Then how will we get out if hear?” Jacob said.
            There was another loud bang at the door, and deafening roar from the bear. All of them backed away from the door quickly.
             “We’re all going to die”, Charlie said with despair.
             “We aren't going to die”, Daniel said reassuringly “we just have to think”. As all of them were looking around the cabin for a way out of this, Daniel looks at the fireplace and thought of a way.

Ryan and Charlie were starting to brace the door with chairs, while the bear is still trying to get in when Daniel came into the room.“I think I found a way out of this”, Daniel said.
“What”, Ryan said hopeful.
“We are going to let the bear in the cabin”, Daniel said.
“Awwww no”, Jacob said, “we are not letting that bear inside.”
The bear lets out another roar and slams against the door with a thud.
“The bear is coming in either way”, Daniel said.
“What’s your plan then?”, Dianna questioned.
“One of us is going to lead the Bear to the back of the cabin and will fend it off with the fire poker.” Daniel said holding up the fire poker.
“Ok…. so how will that person get out?”,Dianna said.
“Well, my plan was to have that person kill the bear”, Daniel said.
“What if the it doesn’t die”, Dianna retorted.
“Fine, they will get away through the window.”
“Ok”, Dianna said.
The bear was still banging into the door as they were talking over the plan, suddenly the bear’s paw had broken through the door leaving a huge hole in the door.
“We don’t have much time!”, Jacob said worried.
“I know, but we have to figure out who will stay with the bear”, Ryan said.
“I will”, Daniel said courageously.
“Ok, It’s settled, Daniel will distract the bear allowing us to escape”, Ryan said with a heavy heart. They were all getting ready for the plan, Ryan,Jacob,Charlie and Dianna were getting ready to unblock the door, and Daniel was picking up the fire poker.
“Are you ready?”, Charlie said to Daniel
“Yeah”, Daniel replied sounding grim.
When everyone was in position Ryan quickly unblocked and opened the door and moved aside and the bear launched inside, but quickly Daniel stabbed the bear and diverted its attention to him and lead it away from the door into the back of the cabin, while the others slowly went around the bear hoping it wouldn’t care about them.
They all had left the cabin except for Daniel, he was going to attempt to kill the bear but he didn’t think he could, now he was growing weary from evading the bear’s giant teeth and claws. After just a few more minutes Daniel was making his way to the window when the bear’s claws cut deep into his thigh, Daniel screamed and stabbed the bear hard with the fire poker, not doing much to it’s thick hide.
After stabbing the bear Daniel lunged out of the window, landing hard on his cut thigh. Daniel didn’t have much time even though the bear can’t fit through the window it’s probably already going around through the door, so he got up as quick as he could and head south towards the town, filled with worry that his friends got far enough away and that he would be able to get away from the bear.
Daniel had been running for a for at least an hour when he stopped to rest by a tree, it was mid day and he could not see the bear anywhere through the thick trees, but he could hear it’s giant paws slamming into the ground as it chases after him and it’s nose sniffing for him. Daniel looked down at his thigh, blood was soaking through the torn sweatshirt he wrapped around it.
Then suddenly he saw the bear running at him with great speed, he didn’t know what to do with nothing to defend himself. Daniel looked around for something to use as a weapon, or somewhere to hide, then it came to him, that he could hide in the tree, now he was starting to find branches n the tree that were capable for holding his weight, branch by branch he was able to climb high enough in the tree so the bear could not reach him. When the bear reached the tree not long after he climbed it, the bear got on it’s two hind legs and stated to paw at him, but could not reach him.
Now as Daniel was in the tree it dawned on him that there was no way out of this as long as the bear was here, and the bear was determined that the bear was not leaving for a while.
“Daniel!”, a voice whispered.
“What, who’s there”, Daniel whispered back, then he saw them it was Jacob in a nearby tree.
“What are you doing I thought you left”, Daniel said confused but still happy he wasn’t alone.
“I don’t know what happened, we were all resting then we heard the bear in the distance and I guess we all went different ways”, Jacob replied, “what are we going to do”, Jacob said.
“I don’t know, I’ll think of something”, Daniel said.
After awhile of thinking, Daniel had thought of a plan.
“Jacob”, Daniel whispered.
“Yeah”, Jacob replied.
“I thought of a plan”, Daniel said, “I will distract the bear, and you will start running.”
“What about you”, Jacob said worried.
“I’ll be right behind you”, Daniel replied.
The bear was sleeping at the bottom of Daniel’s tree, waiting for him, to come down, Daniel was going to break off a branch from the tree and throw it to try and get the bear to move and give him and Jacob a chance to escape.
“Are you ready”, Jacob said nervously.
“Yeah”, Daniel said.
Daniel broke of a long branch off the tree getting ready to throw it while Jacob was starting to climb down the tree. Daniel threw the branch into some bushes, waking the bear. The bear got up and slowly made its way to the branch.
Daniel was surprised it worked, he was now climbing down the tree to catch up to Jacob who had already started running away.
Once Daniel landed on the ground he felt a stinging feeling from where the bear had scratched him, but ignored it and looked over at the bear who had just gotten to the branch. Daniel knew he didn’t have much time so he started to run south, towards the town and follow Jacob.
It was starting to get dark and Daniel had been running for awhile and felt relieved that he had outrun the bear, but he didn’t see Jacob anywhere. He started to worry, but just kept running hoping he made it to the town. Suddenly Daniel hear a loud roar from behind him, he was filled with terror.
Daniel looked behind him and saw the bear, only about thirty feet away. They just stood there looking at each other, for what felt like an eternity, Daniel was afraid to move and the bear was waiting for him to move. Daniel was thinking of what to do, and he couldn’t think of anyway out of this. Daniel knew he wouldn’t be able to run from the bear it would surely catch him. There was nothing to do, But Daniel didn’t want to give up, he was not going to just let the bear kill him, he was going to at least try to run.
As Daniel started to turn to run the bear also started to run at him, but then suddenly a loud bang echoed across the forest, Daniel looked back at the bear and it fell over, and was still, Daniel was confused, realizing that the bear had been shot he looked around for the person who did, then he saw the local that he had talked to in the town.
Daniel had never been so happy to see a stranger in his life, until now. Daniel ran over to the local.
“Are ye alright boy”, he said to Daniel.
“Yeah, I am now”, Daniel replied.
“Well let’s get ye back now,your leg looks pretty bad”, the local said.
“Yeah the bear scratched me with it’s paw”, Daniel said looking at his thigh, he had not realized that it had been bleeding so much.
“We best get you to a doctor, I’ll go get my car and give ye a lift back to town”, the local said.
“Ok, thank”,Daniel said.
The sun is now being blocked by the wall of trees of the surrounding forest, leaving the town in darkness. The small town didn’t have a hospital but there was a doctor that lived there and the local was going to take Daniel there. Daniel asked the local about his friends, and he said that they were all right and he would see them soon.
The local reached the doctor’s house, and helped Daniel get out of the car then went up and knocked on the doctor’s door and he opened almost right when the local knocked and Daniel was rushed in and set down on the floor. The doctor looked at Daniel’s leg and said, “You’ll need stitches but you’ll be fine, I’ll be right back.
A few minutes later the doctor came back with a bag that Daniel assumed was his medical bag. “Okay, you will have to stay still for this ok”, the doctor said.
“Ok”, Daniel replied.
After the short procedure the doctor told Daniel to rest, and let him stay at his house, until morning. The local went and got Daniel’s friends and brought them to the doctor’s house, so they could all see each other again.

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