Johns’ Massacre House

March 16, 2018
By Anonymous

It was a dark, cloudy day and Dwain could hear the thunder echoing across the mountains. He noticed that there was a red mark on his carpet. He thought it was red wine from the previous owners, but little did he know they died where the carpet was and the police couldn't find the murderer. People say the house was haunted because the first owner of the house died from being stabbed and all of the other owners died the same way. When Dwain first bought the house he thought people were try to make him scared.

It was Halloween, and Dwain was listening distantly to the kids yelling in happiness. Dwain had bought a huge bag full of candy at the store earlier that day. As he poured the candy in the bowl he watched the wrappers shine in the light in his living room. He listened to the roaring motor noises from a motorcycle on his TV. He then heard Nick Harris yelling about something on motoGP. He went to go see what it was. All of a sudden there was a buzzing sound in the kitchen. When he went to go to his phone, he realized that it was a missed call from 0888-888-888. He didn’t know who owned this number, let alone who it was from.
A few minutes passed, the number called again. The buzzing noise was louder from his phone then last time. When he answered, there was just loud breathing from the caller. Dwain’s face  started to drip with sweat as he went to reach for the dry and fluffy towel. He rubbed the gentile towel against his head. Dwain started to walk towards his couch. He sat on it, smelling the sweet smell of home. As the TV played MotoGP, nobody came up to his door, especially the kids, because they were all scared of his house. There was a loud banging noise coming from his door. He bolted through his living room to get the candy for trick-or-treaters. When he opened the door it was unexpectedly a man. His all-black clothing would have blended in with the night, if the lights weren’t on. He quietly closed the door and noticed that the man in the black clothing was staring at the house across the street. Dwain was really creeped out by him watching the house. All of a sudden he got another call from that unknown caller. Dwain thought that it was probably that man. Closing the blinds to his house, he answered the phone.
“What do you want?” Dwain asked in an annoyed tone of voice to the caller.
The man, once again, said nothing. In the spur of a moment, all of the lights went out. He went to turn on the lights,but they just went off again. His lights did this quite often, so he decided to call a technician.
He picked up the phone and dialed the number for the closest technician.
“Hello, this is LTS, Local Technician Services my name is James how can I help you?”
“Hi, I’m having problems with my lights. They keep going like they go off after I turn them on. It’s really creepy.”
“So where do you live sir?”
“20 Maple Avenue, San Pedro.”
“Sorry sir, but that is too far for our services.”
“No wait!”
There was a dial tone. Dwain’s heart rate increased and his jaw clenched. Dwain slammed his feet on the floor and slammed the phone on it’s charging station.
Deciding that he wanted to get away from home, he went in his car to go to the beach.
Finally arrived at the beach, Dwain reached for his bodyboard in the back of his car. He jumped to the back of the car where the smell of  salt and seaweed filled his nostrils. As Dwain was on the beach he could feel the cold water touch his feet. Looking at the way the sun reflected on the smooth waves, he jumped in and forgot all about the troubled he had earlier that day.
Dwain had finally arrived at home, and he realized that all of the lights were on in his house. He went inside and noticed that nothing was stolen. He was sure that it was not the technician that had fixed this, because James had said that Dwain lived too far away. He looked at the carpet and the stain that he had originally thought was red wine was bigger and redder. He never drank red wine, and he wasn’t even home when this had happened. . After questioning the stain, he rolled up the carpet Underneath it looked liked like fresh blood. He’s heartbeat started increasing again and he felt cold. He went outside to call 911. His stomach knotted and his throat tightened.  Thankfully, the operator answered.
“911 what is your emergency?”
“I lifted up carpet and there was blood and it was fresh”.
“Ok sir where do you live?”
“I live at 20 Maple Avenue, San Pedro. Hurry I’m scared…”
“Ok stay calm I am sending an officer to your house.”
“Okay thank you”
“Please stay on the line and tell me if anything happens.”
After 2 minutes the police car came  to his house and Dwain showed him where the blood was. When the officer looked at the spot, there was no blood there. The Officer gave Dwain a 500 dollar ticket for a false 911 call and 5 days in jail. Dwain jaw cliched as he squeezed into the car.
“Please! There really was blood there!” He tried to tell the officer.
The officer obviously did not believe him.
When finally got to the jail he saw blood under his bed. Dwain rushed to the sink to try to relax himself a bit or wake himself up from what seemed like a nightmare but the water was bloody too. The officers thought he was crazy.
Finally, after 5 days, Dwain returned to his house and the lights were on. He went inside and there was a sign in blood. It read,
Dwain thought it was the stupid, teenage neighbours doing a prank,  but there was no sign of someone breaking into his house. He wondered what or who left the sign and how they know he was gone. Dwain was scared until at 12 pm there was a loud banging noise on his door to his room. He panicked dramatically and all of his muscles were frozen in place. He screamed,
“Who is there”
No answer then the banging got louder. All of a sudden the banging stopped and a 12 inch kitchen knife was thrown at the door,he saw  the splinter thrust forward. Dwain screamed in fear of the knife as the hole from the knife gets bigger. He saw that it was the man from halloween Dwain screamed,
“Who are you and what do u want”
“I am John and I kill anyone who owns this house,” the strange man said.
“Why must you kill everyone who owns this house?” Said Dwain mournfully.
“To find the person who killed me!” He yelled in fury and hate.
As Dwain screamed in fear, John got closer and closer. His doorbell was ringing, and John disappeared in the blink of an eye. One of his neighbors had come over to check and see if he was alright. The screams had frightened him, and by the looks of the neighbor, he looked terrified.
“Is everything alright here? He said, his voice high and shaking.
“S-sure… Everything is just fine.” Dwain mumbled. ”

As the neighbor walked away, Dwain closed the heavy door slowly as it complains, making a squeaking noise. When the door had closed fully John reapered. This time, Dwain was prepared and tried to fling his tightened, ready fist towards John, but it just zipped through him like air. Like a ghost. “My turn!” John said joyfully. Dwain doged the knife as it zips through the air until he was stabbed, it felt like a fire raging through his chest. The air rushed out of his lungs and he struggled to get a breath, like he was a hundred feet under water. As get tried to get his breath the knife stabbed in the lag as it felt like getting punched hundred times in the same spot. As he fell through the air like his hands were bowling balls. Then all of a sudden his breath was gone and his heart rate stopped as the knife was in his chest.

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