The Time Machine

April 7, 2009
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I built a very big time machine. It was so big that five people could fit into it. The first five people I wanted to go through my new time machine were Megan, Fionya, Colton, Victoria, and I. So I called them over to my house. They all were allowed to come. They were amazed by the time machine.

It was supposed to send us over 100,000 years ago, during the ice age. When it dropped us down we were freezing. There was snow on the ground. We were all wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We started to walk around and got hungry. Colton and I went to look for items to make weapons with. We made bows and arrows. The girls said that they were going to look for a spot to make a shelter. Colton and I were on a killing spree. We killed three buffalo, four rabbits, and two birds. By the time all of the animals were moved back to the camp ground, they had made a big and nice place to live.

We all made warm clothing from the animal skins to put around us to keep us warm. Fionya said that she would get a fire started so we could cook the food. Of course that was too much food for us to eat; some of it went to waste. That night we had to sleep on the ground.

The next morning we went on a hike to get familiar with this place. On our hike we saw a deer that was limping. The deer had two fawns beside it. It just figures that Megan and I knew how to take care of hurt animals. The dad of the deer was watching them. The four of them became our new pets. We didn’t have to feed them; they went and found food for themselves. We decided to make them a shelter.

Colton and I went hunting for food for the day. We got the right amount of food. Megan wanted to go hunting too. Colton and I taught her how to make her bow and arrows. I was the one who taught Colton. Now the three of us went hunting. Megan saw a buffalo. We watched her shoot it. She missed to the left. We had her chase it and shoot it again. Once again she missed, this time high. This time Colton and I chased it. We both hit it.

When we got back to camp we had Fionya and Tori make something big so Megan could have shooting practice. She got better and better. Then we went hunting with her again. This time she hit an elk but it didn’t die. The wounded elk ran into a tree and fell down. We figured out she wounded it. Then we showed her where to hit it to kill it. The elk had large wide antlers. We took it back to the camp site. The arrow came out of it. We could use it again.

Fionya and Tori had the camp looking good. They got done early so they said that they came up with a game for us to play. It involved our pet deer. We would have to play it after dinner. But after lunch we had nothing to do. We all voted that we should make a room for our pets. So every time that we had nothing to do, we would work on a room for the pets. We got a quarter of it done that day. We planned to connect it to our room, and have a gate to our room. This way we could always see what they were doing. We also were going to have a gate so we could let them out without them going through our place. Also we would keep improving our room. It was about 6’5” tall, and wide enough that we had enough space that we could do a lot of things. We had about five beds, a fire, the wood, the animal meat, and a big space for us to play.

We had enough food for today so Colton, Megan, and I helped finnish the pet room. It took like the whole day. We only had an hour left until dark. We didn’t feel like playing that same game. We saw a rabbit hopping up to our camp. I decided that we should catch it and put it in with the deer. We would make a separate area for it. The more pets we got the more space we needed. It felt so long. I kept chasing it and chasing it. Again the day was gone. We were tired so we trapped it and put it in the pet room. Then we went to bed.

The next morning, I had woken up early. I heard something outside, so I started to shake. I quickly went and looked in at the pets, they were sleeping. I was the only one awake. I didn’t know who or what was there. I wanted to shoot it, but didn’t want to shoot it by myself. I was shaking too much. So I woke up Colton and told him what happened. He too was scared. We both were frightened. So I told him not to wake up the others.

It sounded like a bear. I stood up and grabbed the bow and arrow. I told him, “Whatever happens out there, don’t come out after me. Also tell the other three what happens.” I opened the exit of our room. I looked to the left, nothing was there. So I turned my head to the right, all of the sudden something pops out of the bushes. It was a little squirrel. But behind it was a big black bear. I was still shaking. The bear saw me with a weapon. It started to run fast right at me. I closed my eyes and shot. I was in pain. I said to myself, “Did I hit it or is it going to kill me?”

I opened my eyes and the bear was lying on top of me. It was dead. The bear scratched me in the leg. That’s why I was in pain. My foot was covered in blood. The bear scratch was deep. The pain had come and I started to cry. Colton had been watching me the whole time. He came to help me out. The others had woken up and didn’t see Colton or I in bed. Colton told them that we needed help. Megan was there to help me out. She had to put stitches in my leg. My leg hurt so much that I couldn’t walk on it.

Colton and Megan had to hunt without me, while Fionya and Tori had to take care of me. They also took off the bear skin and used it as a carpet. A couple hours later Megan and Colton came back with a buffalo, a rabbit, and two squirrels. I asked if Megan had killed anything. He said yes, she killed the buffalo and a squirrel. He also said that it took her a while to kill them.

We ate well that night. That night they played a game and I watched them play it. I didn’t cheer for just one person. I was cheering for all of them. I didn’t care who won, it was just a game. Tori and Megan tied for first place. I think that they made a bet that whoever won didn’t have to do twenty-five jumping jacks. That meant that Colton and Fionya had to do them. They stood up and did them. Megan counted Fionya’s jumping jacks and Tori counted Colton’s. They counted them out loud. I fell asleep a couple minutes later. They said they fell a sleep a few minutes later anyway.

I woke up Colton because I heard a yelping sound outside. My leg still hurt but I could hop on one foot. Colton said that he saw a wolf on the ground. Also that it was injured. It had a broken leg and a deep cut in its side. I thought about what could have happened. I thought and thought, but still had no idea. I looked around at my surroundings. I saw our deer, who looked frightened. Then it all came in to my mind. The wolf saw the deer it was hunting and tried to get in. Then I saw some blood on the gate. The wolf jumped to get the deer and got caught on the gate, it hit something sharp. That was how it got the deep cut. It broke its leg as it fell to the ground and landed in a hole.

All of the sudden something hit me in the back. I got scared. I turned around and jumped. It ended up being Megan, who had woken up. She said that she didn’t see me in bed. I told her what had happened. She said that she might be able to help the wolf. Megan was able to fix the deep cut. The wolf couldn’t walk on that leg for a while. Megan told us that the wolf wasn’t healthy. So we put it in with our pets. But we had to make sure that our deer were safe. The wolf died a couple of hours later. So we simply ate him.

My leg was getting better so I tried to walk. It only hurt a little it. I stayed at camp and went to make a fire. I saw Fionya with our pets. Colton took Megan to hunt. I looked around for Tori, but didn’t see her at all. I yelled for Fionya. She came as fast as she could thinking I was hurt. I told her to calm down, and that I wasn’t injured. I just asked her where Tori went. Fionya told me that she went to get some firewood because we were running out. Fionya and I just ended up sitting right next to the fire to keep warm. Colton and Megan came back early with nothing to eat. They asked us where Tori was.

I replied “She went to get firewood.”

They said “oh.” and joined us at the fire. All of the sudden Fionya stood up and ran. The rest of us followed her while shouting. We were telling her to stop. She said that we should look for Tori, and that she had been looking for firewood for three hours now. Something must have happened to her. We had to split up and look for her. She was nowhere to be seen. Colton yelled as loud as he could. He yelled that he found something. Everybody else ran over to see what he had found. I got there with no breath left. Megan asked what he had found. He said that he found nothing and started to laugh. I was getting my breath back while Fionya and Megan yelled at him. Megan yelled at him for not being serious. Figures Tori was at camp putting the wood on our wood stack. She must have heard Megan yelling and asked what the problem was. Colton told her that we were looking for her.

I interrupted him and said, “Colton you are talking to Tori.”

He said, “Oh.”

We all were asking her why she took three hours trying to get wood. We all walked back to camp. When we went to put wood on the fire I saw how much wood was there. Tori had collected a lot of wood.

Colton and Megan went hunting again, like always. They ended up getting nothing. They didn’t use any arrows so I asked if they saw anything. Megan sadly said, “No.” They thought that the food had been running out. We didn’t have anything to eat for a couple of days, neither had our pets. All of them had died. So we ate them.

Out of nowhere a little weird twister appeared. Daylin came falling out of it. So we all go to help him out. We asked how he got here. He said that he came through my time machine. I asked him what the date and time was. He said the same date but the time was 2:00. I thought and announced that we had been gone for two hours. It had been like a month since we had gone through. Daylin asked where we were.

Fionya replied, “Beringia.” Daylin was shocked. We showed him around the camp that we called home. We made him a bed because we didn’t know how long he was going to be here. Later that day, the bed was finished. He was going to sleep near Colton and I. That night we had a big fire. I ended up falling asleep first.

The next morning I saw Daylin on his cell phone. I asked him who he was talking to.

He said, “I’m telling my parents that I’m here with all of you guys.”

I asked, “Daylin, can I call someone when you’re done?”

I ended up getting it right away. First I told everyone what the plan was. They loved it. I called T.J. He answered, so I told him that we all needed his help. T.J walked over to my house and asked for me. My mom told him that we were all downstairs. He went down and went through the time machine that I built. I saw that he was coming. I told everybody that it had to happen right then. So we all jumped into the twister thing, and saw T.J. We hit him so that he would turn around and go home. We all fell down in the time machine we ended up getting out of it.

Megan said,” I’m never going though that again!”

Everybody else agreed. I told everyone that we should go outside and play around. That day we all had fun. I ended up throwing away the time machine. That night everyone left. We all thought about the experience we had when we had nothing to survive with. We were good at getting a place to stay when we started.

That night I could hardly fall asleep. My bed was different that the one I had before. My bed was so comfortable compared to the one I was using. I ended up falling asleep at one in the morning. I didn’t wake up until two the next afternoon. Everything was different in my house than what I had in the camp. I saw that someone had taken my time machine. I couldn’t believe what that person would be getting into. I will never forget that experience that I had with my friends.

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keepin it real said...
Apr. 21, 2009 at 7:31 pm
wayy too choppy, it makes this story hard to read because you have to stop all the you know what a comma or sentence varriation is??
All of your sentences are...noun verb direct object *period*
totes said...
Apr. 21, 2009 at 1:25 am
this was a good story....liked it alot.
your the next mark twain
i muh v ner said...
Apr. 21, 2009 at 1:22 am
haha good story. I like the halo reference little bro....killing spree lol
kyle fogarty said...
Apr. 16, 2009 at 12:16 am
good story
Ron O said...
Apr. 15, 2009 at 4:22 am
Great story, more twists and turns than Hitchcock. Kept me thrillled to the very end.
LaurenB said...
Apr. 15, 2009 at 2:57 am
I agree, best story ever ;)
Coach said...
Apr. 15, 2009 at 12:08 am
Good Story. I really have a hard time believing that you killed a bear and only got a scratch. I didn't know that wolves could live in the same pen as deer. Wolves love to eat deer meat. How did Daylin get back since only 5 people could travel at one time?
weaselboy said...
Apr. 14, 2009 at 11:50 pm
I liked the story, especially the part about eating all the pets. After eating 4 deer and a rabbit, you must have been stuffed.
Nathan V. said...
Apr. 14, 2009 at 7:25 pm
I love this article. It is one of the best stories in Teen Ink.
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