Stalking Shweem Can Be Kind Of Weird

March 23, 2009
By mahnoor nizam BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
mahnoor nizam BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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There he was standing near the exit. All I could think about was how good he looked in his green sweater. It was only the first day of school and I already thought some one was cute, but who ever said I liked him.
History class:

“Hey Mahnoor guess what.” Grace said tapping me on my shoulder interrupting my day dream.

“What.” I said staring at her.

“I already kind of like someone.” Grace said wondering if I would know who she was talking about.

“Don’t tell me it’s the dude with the green sweater.” I said looking at her.

“Wow how did you know?” Grace said with a confused look.
“I’m physic what do you think.” I said.

“No seriously how did you know?” Grace said.

“I thought he was cute too.” I said hoping she wouldn’t think I liked him.

“So you like him?”Grace said looking upset.

“NO! I don’t. I think he’s cute there’s a difference.” I said.

“Um... Ok.” She said.

A couple days later:

Grace had told all our friends that she liked the guy with the green sweater. My two other friends who were told by Grace who she liked, Samantha and Carolina were with me teasing her whenever we saw her staring at him. At first we knew nothing about him actually Grace's brother knew she liked him too. Grace's brother Mario got in to a little fight with the guy and later on they became friends. I know weird, who knew guys bonded in such a stupid way. Mario found out that the guy Grace was crushing name and it was Joey.

He was a junior and Grace was a freshman. I kept thinking nothing wrong would happen to Grace if no one found out about her crush.
A couple of weeks later:
“Hey look its Joey.” Samantha yelled.

“Where” I said looking out the class room door.

“You dare me to yell his name.” Samantha said.

“Yeah! And I will sing sponge bob “the best thing about a green striped sweater.” I said.

‘Ok” Samantha said.

She then yelled Joey and I started to sing like sponge bob. He then looked in to our class room and Samantha and I ran away.
A couple of weeks later:
We kept teasing Grace about Joey and I could tell Joey thought I was weird since I was the only one who was doing the crazy things. I sang, yelled in a squeaky voice, and shrieked every time he came. Everyone though I liked him because I would loved messing around with Joey. He probably thought the same thing and I didn’t care but Grace did. She didn’t show it but I knew she was jealous that I was able to be myself around Joey and act my weird crazy self and she couldn’t. I already knew Joey thought I was psycho and that I was the one who was crazy in love with him.

Joey (SHWEEM):

Who knew the freshman’s this year are so crazy. I actually think a couple of girls like me, don’t I fell special. Actually let me start from the beginning when I started to notice the freshman girl’s weird behavior. Ever since you can say the second week of school I’ve been hearing my name being yelled out and someone singing sponge bob or something weird all the time. I then kind of noticed these four fresh man girls who all kept giggling when I walked by. I kind of knew one of those girls liked me they make it so obvious. The weird stuff started to happen when I was whistling waking up the stairs and one of those girls were singing and yelled out dude you whistle hot. That’s when I knew one of them liked me. Every time I walked back in the school from lunch I would see the same girls waiting outside their class room and then start doing funny stuff like one of them actually called me a panda. It was probably because I was wearing a white and black stripped hoodie.

Tuesday (thank god it’s a half a day):

I decided to walk to journal square and hang out with my friends. But I never knew that those girls walked that way. I saw them near me but they didn’t bother that much if you consider someone yelling green sweater was annoying. By the time I was in journal square I didn’t see them so a couple hours later I decided to walk home. I then saw them coming out of McDonalds. I then just ignored them until one of them screeched or what I thought was a panic attack. So I stared at her for like two minutes and her friend then yells “Grace, Grace"look whose here.” Then I start walking again. The girl behind me then starts singing like sponge bob. Yeah when I think about it she sounded just like him wow weird. I then turned around looked at her again and just walked home. These girls are nuts next thing you know they’ll be stalking me. Let’s just hope they don’t.


I saw Joey at journal square again. Now I know for sure he thinks were nuts seen we decided to act like idiots around him ,well me. I’m going to go up to him soon and set his mind straight that I’m not the one who likes him and that its some one else. I can’t take people thinking it’s me liking him and even my friends think it. Just because I think it’s funny to do dumb stuff in front of him doesn’t mean I like him.

Joey (shweem):

I think its time to talk to those weird girls. I don’t have any feelings for them but I wouldn’t mind being their friends. I really need to tell them to stop bugging me it’s getting me annoyed. If I yell at them it’s not my fault they shouldn’t be bothering me in the first place.

A couple of days later (November 5, 2008):

Something weird happen again, and yes it had to do something with those weird girls. It started in the morning, I was standing waiting to go inside the school and their one of those girls were walking and girls ran up to her saying guess who's here. I might be wrong but at first I thought that was the girl that liked me but wow I was so wrong. During breakfast another freshman girl came up to me and she asked if I would come with her so the other girls could talk to her. I said no and that the girls should come to me and talk to me themselves. Well they never did! I started to walk upstairs and there they were two of them. Then one of them started to yell at the other say hi. I had to look at that girl yelling it was funny I tried no to laugh, and that's when something else happen. The tall girl I think her name is Grace Im friends with her brother she waved hi to me.
Ok I know I said I would stop bugging that junior but it is so funny. It all started during breakfast. One of my friends,Lizzy told this other girl Reina to tell Joey to come up to us. I didn't want to talk to him neither did Samantha because we knew he thought it was either one of us that like him. So Samantha and I ran in to the bathroom hoping that he wouldn't come. A couple of minutes later we got out of the bathroom and Reina said that Joey said we had to talk to him ourselves. OK no that's what my first instinct was to say, No! I didn't want to talk to him at all. So it was 10 minutes until the first block bell will ring and I'm waiting for Grace who I didn't know was waiting for Joey. I was thinking in my head please don't talk to him please at least when I'm not there So since I'm such a good friend I stayed beside her. Only me not nobody else. Their he was walking upstairs and I yelled at Grace to say hi, and guess what she waves hi and he ingnores her. I started to laugh so much , I know that's the mean thing to do but then Joey looked at me and I couldn't even stop laughing. I know that probably was one of the most embarrassing thing to Grace but it was great that I was there. Throughout the day I kept teasing Grace about her saying hi to him.

After School (November 5, 2008)

Grace and I decided not to wait for Joey and so we just left to out lockers. We thought her had already went home so it didn't matter. It took us a long time to get our stuff out of our lockers and we were also waiting for Mario (who always takes forever). Grace and I went upstairs and she saw Joey. She elbowed me and I yelled "OH NO." I know I have to stop doing that. I told Grace let's then go outside and wait for everyone. Then came Melody yelling my name. I turned around and Danny, Melody, and Mario were finally their. So Grace was walking only with her brother and I was walking with Melody and Danny. Joey was right near us and so I yelled at Grace to say hi, but again she didn't. Danny and me kept telling Grace to say hi to him but she never did.

Well that is the truth about what my friends and I so with people's crushed. I know crazy, but just because I like to have fun by bothering Grace's crush doesn't mean I like him. He probably thinks Samantha, Grace, and I are crazy but he shouldn't be the one talking.

The author's comments:
this is about a boy that one of my former friend liked. The crush went to far and we took the whole embarassing think to the next level.

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