February 21, 2018
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A madness that shows increduility with all my items. This book is purely my idea of fun. if there is any offence, thats fine. tell me and i'll change it. 

Chapter 1: Haywire

I can remember how it happened. How my mama and papa got together. I was a child of 3 years, 10 years ago in 4018. Papa was what we call a ‘malfunction,’ the one I refer to as ‘He,’ mama what we call a ‘perfect.’ He was twenty five years old with a mass of curly red hair, she was twenty two with wispy pale, near white hair, the one I refer to as ‘Her.’ She was also a hostage of my father’s, and she belonged to one of the richest men in the country.

It started with a dog’s low growl. A scream. Then… Silence. The door creaked open, displaying a bright glow of light. She squinted and heard the swish of leather, the rustle of denim. A hiss. Another deep growl… And silence.
    He slammed his fist against the wall of the damp, dark, dusty cellar. She was screaming yet again. A text came through on the girl's confiscated phone.
    -Macedo-*look ur ignoring me now axel i have to go, ok?*
    He hissed and spat.
    “Hush up, girl,” he hissed through the bars of the cage. She screamed louder and he saw what she was screaming at: two glowing red eye-like orbs floating just outside where the door of the cell should have been, and he growled.
   “Girl, keep the noise down,  yer doin’ my nut in!” The guard standing next to the cage hissed.
   “Leave her be! She's only a girl! She has a baby in a separate cage, no wonder she's gone hysterical!” One of the hostages  called out.
   I was watching the orbs outside of my cage in awe and trying to touch them, giggling.
   “If she's old enough to have a little kid who ain't screamin’, she's old enough to KEEP QUIET!” The guard bellowed, and the hostage shrank to the corner of her cage.
   The orbs blinked twice and she screamed louder. Something yanked at the girl’s chains. Hands. A hand.  A mechanical hand. The exact other of his own mechanical hand.
   Her hand was wrestling against the strain and drops of blood fell from her hand as the mechanical hand yanked the chains tighter.
   “Haywire…” she murmured breathlessly before fainting, and he bent the bars of the cage back, letting her fall into his arms.  He unlocked the chains, lifted her and placed her on the workbench, before catching the hand with ease.
   “Hacker,” he groaned and looked at her softly. The word was the first actual noise out of her mouth. It put him at ease to know she could still talk.
  Then he frowned.
  “Haywire…” he muttered and set to work.
  A final text came through, and he smiled as he looked at it.
   *Jacey- Hey, Axel, thought u might like this, I no I do. Remember he loves you.
'The sword was bright,
  His claws were long
He widened out his thoughts
   And it is said,
   So I believe,
  His heart was in his paws.’
Remember, Doki Doki equals love*

The author's comments:

well, i got bored and i started writing. my sis, my mum, my dad, everyone in my life i write for <3


even you

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