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Father's Lie

February 16, 2018
By Miss.Nobody SILVER, Behtlehem, Pennsylvania
Miss.Nobody SILVER, Behtlehem, Pennsylvania
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Papa Lies
Papa says he loves me,
He hugs me in front of the teacher.
Why does he smile like that?
Doesn’t the teacher know papa is not nice.
Papa never smiles.
Papa never hugs me.
he doesn’t really like me.
Papa say its my fault,
Mama is dead.
I never met mama.
Mama was pretty,
Papa loved mama.
I look like mama, why doesn’t papa love me.
Am I ugly?
Is that why he hurts me.
Papa’s never nice.
Papa always smell bad,
He staggers and says words funny.
He yells a lot,
He is scary.

Papa got a girlfriend,
She’s pretty.
I hope she will be my new mama.

Papa’s girlfriend doesn’t like me.
She is like papa.
She yells and hurts me.
I called her mama she yelled and hit me.
She says to call her Bethany.

Bethany does this weird thing with needles.
I don’t like needles they scare me.
Papa does it to now, it makes him tired.

Papa said to call him Alex today not papa.
I cried.
pa-I mean Alex said nasty things.

Today Alex  was mad.
He had  fight with Bethany.
He broke my door.
He yelled and yelled.
I never seen Alex so mad.

My body hurt.
Alex  made my bones make bad noise.
It hurt really bad.
Alex said I look like mama.
It made him sick he yelled.
He said I killed his flower.
I killed his love.
Did I kill mama?
I said sorry, he hit me harder.
Alex said I shouldn’t have been born.
Mama should have aborted me.
I cried not for me but for Alex.
I’m sorry Alex.

Alex yelled today.
I couldn’t breath,
Alex had my neck in his hands.
Is that what it’s called?
Alex called me Rose.
That was mama’s name not mine.
“Why did you leave” Alex yelled.
“Why did you.. Have to go” he yelled.
I saw black circles.
I felt tired, Alex held tighter.
He yelled.
I looked at Alex’s brown blue eyes.
They scared me.
His eyes were red and he cried.
I tried to breath but I couldn’t.
I looked at Alex.
His eyes stared into mine.
I gave Alex a small smile.
“I-Im s-sorry papa I love you”
He released my neck
I heard his sobs he pulled me closer.
I closed my eyes I was tired.

Bright light that’s all I saw.
“Baby” I turned
She wrapped me in her arms.
Whispering sorry.
Mama held my hand as we walked towards light.

The author's comments:

This about Deception pretty much it's a sad short story about child abuse and how death can change someone.

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