The Rich Poor Guy

February 16, 2018
By aniello19 BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
aniello19 BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
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The Rich Poor Guy

I wake up in my bed, well my cardboard box but I can't see so I like to think it as my bed. I'm not completely blind but I have troubles seeing everythings a big blur to me. I start everyday with attempting to sneak into the YMCA. It only works sometimes but they know my face by heart now and kick me out sometimes. If I manage to get in I run to the showers to look good so someone will over me a job, then my day counties. I go back to my cardboard bed grab my sign. One side reads “looking for job” and the other side is for when the day starts to pass and reads “donate food or a dollar please” with a picture of a sub on there. Most people just will walk by without acknowledging me, but I'm not like the other panhandlers in new york city. I actually want a job or any food.
Last week I started to volunteer at the soup kitchen to get extra food, so now most nights I don't go to bed hungry. I love all the people at the soup kitchen there are like a second family to me. My real family that's a different story, They don't  have much money so I left the small studio apartment in brooklyn filled with my jobless dad, my three brothers and my hardworking mom. She's the only one that brings in money, we manage to get food on the table everyday. I left to try to find my own job and promised them I come back to them with enough money for them to never have any worse. I miss them a lot, I want to go back.
Well right now I need to beg for some money or a job to get back to my family. Some days It will be a hour or even two and no one will even notice me but today was different. This man in a suit walks up to me and asked “How is your day going?” I said “could be better, what about you?” and he just hands me a hundred dollar bill. I didn't believe it at first and went out and grabbed it. Then it was like time just stopped.

I see a nineteen year old man with a beard and hair as tho its never been cut before but is clean. He looks kinda younger than nineteen because of his height and very bony and skinny. I just let go of that hundred and start walking I don't know where I'm going and I try to stop walking but I can't. I grab the door handle of a nice looking car I don't know what its called but I can tell it's worth a lot of money. I see myself in the window of the nice car. I am Native American and have two very long braids and I'm wearing a suit. I think to myself,  I'm the man who handed me the money but how. I get in the car but I'm not the one driving a man was driving and he didn't say a word. He pulls over and I walk out of the car and wow Im at a big casino. A man greets me and say “ Welcome back to your casino did you miss it” . I get into my office or whoever office this is and it looks like a mess in here papers everywear, chairs, and pictures thrown on the ground. There was a book open on my desk so I walked over and try to read it with my poor eyesight. “ My wife started to cheat on me, when I found out and asked Carle about it she said there was more than just one other guy..there's seven. The very next day she handled me divorce papers so I wonder how long she had those for. Carle said she going to try telling the judge that I was abusive to our six week old baby named Max. I HATE money” with the word hate written very aggressively “I want it all just to go back how it was I don't want this money or any of these nones properties, I just wish this was all a nightmare.”  I start to feel sad and angry and I can't control myself and I start wreck his or my office. I pick up the picture with my wife in it and threw it at the wall so hard as if the wall was a football field away from me. The glass from the wooden frame went flying all over the place also hitting me. I can't understand why im so mad I have the life, no wife, tons of money, and I even look good. One of the security guys come half way through the door and walks out like if i'll kill him if he came all the way in. I stop him and tell him no come in what do you need. He still looks scared, but he trembled to tell me “I was just checking on all that noise but you need to control your anger it will all be ok.” I stood up walked by him and told him no its not and walked out of there. I start walking back down to the food court, I need a drink right now. I order a coke but not the cokes in the bottle the ones from the fountain that puts in to much syrup so it taste extra good. The clerk say “dollar and nine cents” I hand him a five and when he grabbed it,it was like time stopped.

I grab the money put it in the register. The manager yells “Rio,it's your brake!” I walk to the bathroom wash my face look up. way I see a nineteen year old man with a beard and hair as tho its never been cut before but very clean. He looks kinda younger than nineteen because of his height and very bony and skinny, it's me.  I'm not that sad rich guy anymore. But wait I must of got a job. I start to jump up and down up and down cheering “I got a job” “I got a job”. I dont have my family tho, I left them. I hope they will take me back I don't care about the money anymore I can be happy without it, we all were happy before money. I'm not to far from Brooklyn I started walking back to my home my real home. Right before sundown I made it to the front door of my family's apartment. The hallways have probably never been cleaned, smell bad, and we aren't the riches we have each other. Now I can support and help out the family to but money isnt everything I need to remember that. That poor indian, he might be rich but I have what he doesn't. I take a deep breath and knock on the door three times like I always do, then the door slowly opens.

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