Destiny: The Path To Love And Hate

February 9, 2018
By HaileyStone BRONZE, Cornelius, North Carolina
HaileyStone BRONZE, Cornelius, North Carolina
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Chapter one

I rushed over to my friends dead body. Her back was arched over and her face was glistening with dark red blood. There was no sign of life inside her. The dagger had stabbed her heart, and the culprit was only a few feet away. I vouched to destroy everything that he loved. But that was three years ago.

We live in an unpredictable society where war has been going on for centuries. My name is Anna Codec. Daughter of the noble warrior chief, who only died last week. His death was tragic but of course only excited our enemies further. We have rules in our daily lives, but the most important one is to always do what the government says. We listen to them and they control us. I'm in section nine, where only the elite train to fight. I will enter the bloody battle grounds on my 18th birthday. This will be a day of celebration of my existence, and possibly a funeral for my death. My birthday is a week from tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will go to the government head quarters, and they will tell me the secret that only few know.

It's a chill Autumn day where the wind lets no warmth in. I bundle up in my finest clothes and prepare for my questioning from the government. My mother died when I was three otherwise she would be there with me. It's days like this, where I miss her most. I look at the time and realize that I have to leave now, still wondering what they have in store for me. I get there via air shuttle and wait in the lobby where I check in. The lady barely looks up from her computer and speaks in a monotone, as she says the normal speech to all her clients," Sit over there, and fill out these forms. The government agency will see you soon. " I sit in the corner closest to the green wall on the left side of the room. There are three other women in the waiting area, each looking more paranoid than the first. No one speaks and you can tell that they are all from section 17, based on the branding and marks on their white wrists. It's half past 10 and the double doors open in a flash. All four of us get up and stand, speechless at the welcoming agent who stands in front of the doors. He collects are papers without saying a word and leads us to four gray doors, each composing of heavy metal. I take for number one, and the other three girls, line up with me, each standing in front of their own door. We await for the buzzer to ring, which allows the doors to open. They finally creak and move and we are told to go in. I'm apprehensive about everything, but when I walk in I find a desk with a women sitting on the other side. She makes the hand gesture to sit down on the seat across from her. I do as I am told. She says to me, " I will get straight to the point. You are here because your birthday is a week away. " It is at this point that I realize she is programmed to say these things. She is a robot comprised of the government scientists work. She continues but I can't help but notice the ink machine in the far corner. I turn my attention back towards her right as she says this phrase, " you must listen to this, today you will get a permanent tattoo on your wrist. It will go right below your section number and will be a specific number that only one other person I will have. This other person will be the person you are destined to love." I'm shocked at the mans face that the women holds up. I've been trying to kill him Forbes the last century or so....

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