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February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

          One day a boy named Jack was going to a friend’s house. He was in the car with his friend Bob and Bob mom Daisy. They were on the last road to their house, turning into their driveway they went into their house.
         When the mom went to unlock the door, she found out that the door was broken and someone had broken in.  She rushed in to see if anything was missing.   Bob and Jack run in after her asking “Mom, are you ok”?
         His mom said, “I fine both of you run back to the car.”
          Jack asked Bob, “What was going on”?
         He replied “I do not know”.
         They run outside and went to the car. The mom looks around the house, there was nothing missing that she can see the house is not a mess. She went outside to get the boys out of the car. They asked “Why did you tell us to get in the car”?
        She replied “ Because someone broke into the house and I had to make sure the house was safe”.
         They all went inside to get lunch. After lunch The boy’s went upstairs to Bob, bedroom to play his playstation 3.  They had been playing for an hour, then they heard the mom say “Time for both of you to go outside and play enough playstation for right now.
          They went outside to play catch with the Football while the mom watched television. The boys were playing catch, but Bob did not catch it and it got lost in their garden. They went inside to see if they still had to play outside or if they could come in. His mom said “You can come in jest bring the football inside”.
  They both look at each other and told the mom that they lost it in the garden.  The mom said “You better go to the garden and find it”.
         The boys went outside to look for the ball. After 30 minutes they found it in a hole that was not made for the garden. The look in the hole and find a room. It had a nice leather couch,a chair, a playstation 4 and, a huge 66 inch T.V to play the game on.  They did not know what to think about this room should the keep it a secret or should they tell the mom.
          Jack And Bob finally made a decision to keep a secret so they can use it more often. They take the football inside, then go up to the bedroom to talk about what they have found. After 3 hours the mom told them time for supper, wash your hands and meet me down here.
         After they ate super they help the mom clean up and asked if they could go outside. The mom said”No it is too dark in the morning.”
         They went upstairs to play on the playstation. After 2 hours the mom said time for bed. They put their  night close on then Bob got into bed and Jack sleep  on the floor with the extra blankets that he found in Bob room.  Bob asked his mom “Can we put on a movie for a little bit”?
         His mom said “Yes, one movie”.
          After the movie they were still awake, but there mom said time for bed, so they turn off the T.V and the lights. They are still awake , so they start talking about how they became friends.
          They could not agree on why they was friends. Jack said “We are friends because you moved here in 3 grade and no one would talk to you, so I did and then we became best friends.
           Bob said “ No we are friends because when I moved here in 3 grade are moms were already friends because they went to school together and they met up an that is how we met.
             They could not agree but 15 minutes later, Bob mom came upstairs and said “It is bedtime now stop talking see you boys in the morning.
             The next morning they woke up still trying to figure out how they became friends so Bob asked his mom. His mom replied “We moved here in 3 grade and I knew your mom Jack so I met up with your mom and she brought you and I brought Bob so you two can meet each other. While me and your mom was talking Jack she had said you don’t have many friends so I told Bob to see if you wanted to do anything. You said no at the time but the next day at school you seen him alone and get bad so you start talking to him. Then he came home and said he made a friend named Jack. Then I called your mother and she said Jack said he made a friend named Bob today. This is how you two became friends.”
             Bob says “Thanks mom” then he turns to look at me and says “I guess we were both right jest forget some parts.”
             Jack says “Yes I remember it all now we were both shy of each other at first.”
             The boys watch T.V while the mo cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast. When the mom is done she says “Time to eat wash your hands at come to the table.”
            After they all eat they clean up and the boys go upstairs to plays the playstation 3. After about 30 minutes Bob mom says “TIme to go outside and play.”
             Jest as they were going outside it start to rain a little. Bob go to the living room and says “Mom it is raining we can’t go outside.
             She says “Bob I know you are lying, I just look outside it looked fine.”
             Then as the mom was go outside to prove it was not raining the rain got worse and started to pore so loud the mom can hear it. She says “Bob I guess you was right sorry I thought you lied.
             Bob says “It’s fine I just knew not to go outside.
             After 30 minutes the mom gets a call from Jack’s mom. She answers the phone and Jacks mom says “Hey be careful keep an eye on jack it really bad and the news said it’s going to continue for a couple more hours, and they said there might be some flash floods and a tornado.”
            She said “ok I watch him I turn on the news now.”
            After the mom hang up the phone then turned on the new when the power went off. She tells the boys “It ok come down here and stay with me”
            Bob comes down stairs and when he got down there he mm asked “Where is Jack?”
            He says “Behind me.”
           His mom says “No he is not.
           Bob says ”We have to go look for him.”
           Then the power comes back on and they are looking for jack. They look in Bob room in the mom bedroom in the closets. Then they decide to go outside and look in the garage where they find him.
          Bob ask him “Why are you out here?”
         His mom asked the same question? He says “I do not know i fell then i ended up out here.”
          Then jack mom calls and says to “Bring him home now.”
          They took him home and then it stopped raining bob and his mom went home and bob and jack said “See you next time maybe it won’t rain next time.”

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I wrote this for fun

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