The Farelock Family

February 12, 2018
By Kamie GOLD, White House, Texas
Kamie GOLD, White House, Texas
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Emma has been a kid on the streets ever since she was five, when her parents passed away. Before they died, Emma’s parents were able to pass all their knowledge onto her, their only child Emma Farelock, by kissing her on her forehead. Emma, now with the intellect of both her parents, ran from the only home she had ever known and ended up on the streets.
When Emma turned 18, she got infected with a fatal disease. Emma fell asleep in a back alley and waited for death to come, but when she woke up she was in her old bed, in her home, in her old neighborhood! Emma, thinking the last 13 years had been some kind of nightmare and expecting to find her parents in the kitchen, headed downstairs for breakfast but when she reached the kitchen she found a bunch of street kids, not her parents.
Emma, sad, disappointed, and angry, screams, “Get out of my house!” They all turned to face her, expressions of fright and confusion on their faces. It was silent in the room until someone shouts, “Your house? Lady, no one’s lived here for fifteen years, not since the Farelock family!” Another voice says, “Who were they?”
The first voice responds, “The story goes like this: the father, Justin Farelock suddenly went insane one night and tried to kill his only child, a ten year old little girl, but ended up killing his wife, Louise Farelock, who was protecting their daughter. Justin, still insane and blaming his daughter for the death of his wife, killed his ten year old little girl. After coming back to his sanity, Justin saw his dead wife laying on the living room floor in a puddle of her own blood. Terrified, Justin searched the rest of the house for his precious baby girl! When Justin found his daughter, she was laying on her bed and looked like she was sleeping, but when Justin tried to wake her up, he realized her throat was slit! Justin was in so much pain and despair that he took his own life! People say this whole property is haunted with their spirits, that’s the only reason why this old building is still standing.”
Emma says, “I don’t know which one of you little rugrats said that but I won’t have you disgracing my family like! Stop hiding in the crowd and come say that to my face!” All the kids move out of the way as the owner of the voice comes forward. “I wasn’t hiding in the crowd, just to let you know. I was just not in your eyesight”, says an 18 year old guy who clearly works out. “My name is Leo and this is our house! You’re only here ‘cuz we found you with a fatal disease and couldn’t leave you in the rain to die! So be grateful we came along when we did!”
Emma screams, “I wanted to die! I was sick of this dark world and wanted to find peace! You just had to come along and ruin it by “saving” me,” then faints due to exhaustion! Leo catches her before she could hit the floor and carries her back to her old room. Leo waits in Emma’s room until she wakes up.
When Emma finally gains conscientiousness, Leo asks her, “What did you mean this is your house? Who exactly are you?” “I’m Emma Farelock and this ‘haunted’ building was my home thirteen years ago before my parents passed away. I don’t know where you heard that story but what you’ve been told is wrong! My father didn’t murder me and my mother, we were attacked!” Leo looked shocked at first then calmed down and says, “If the story is wrong and your father’s innocent, then what really happened? Do you remember?” Emma nods and says, “I’ve been trying so hard to forget but unfortunately I can’t because I have a photographic memory!
The incident that killed my parents happened 13 years ago. As I was eating breakfast, my parents told me to pack my stuff ‘cuz we were going on a really long vacation and we were leaving that night. I was confused and I asked my parents what to bring but they just said anything precious to me that I couldn’t live without! When night came, we were all packed.
We were just about to head down to the car when I realized I left my most precious possession, a necklace heirloom that had been passed down in my family for 10 generations, in my room, this room. I told my parents that I left the heirloom necklace in my room. My parents said I could go get it but I would have to hurry. Just as I was about to head towards my room, one of the living room windows broke because someone was shooting bullets at it!
My parents grabbed me as they lunged to the floor! They kissed me on my forehead and told me to run to the hallway closet, lock the door, and stay silent until they called out their little starlight.” Leo asks, “Their little starlight?” Emma says, “It was like a codename they came up with to let me know when everything was over. They always just used it when we played hide and seek and they gave up trying to look for me. Anyways, I did as I was told. I was terrified the entire time!
When the gun shooting stopped, I was able to see my mom and dad with my daddy’s boss/brother, Mr. Luke Greening, through a crack in the door. Uncle shot father in the shoulder! Mother screamed and ran over to father! My uncle walked over to my mother and said, ‘You could’ve been my wife! I could’ve given you anything you wanted but instead you chose my underling brother! I will spare your life and the life of your daughter, my sweet little niece, but only if you shoot my dear little brother in the heart!’
Uncle gave mother a fully loaded gun but instead of shooting dad, my mom aims for all the men who came with my uncle. Once my mom killed all the men my uncle brought, she pointed the gun at Uncle Luke. Uncle Luke pointed his gun at my dad in retaliation. My mom shot at Uncle Luke but he says he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest then he shot my dad in the head! My mom screamed and started to cry.
Uncle said, ‘I’ll find and kill Emma next if you don’t agree to be my bride.’ My mom laughs and says, ‘Emma’s visiting your parents right now and she won’t be back for a week! So you’re outta luck, Luke! There’s no way your parents will let you near her! They know what you’re like and what you’re capable of! So I hope you rot in Hell!’ As soon as my mother was done talking, she pointed the gun at her head and pulled the trigger! Meanwhile I was hiding in that stupid hall closet and couldn’t do anything but watch! I felt so helpless and terrified! I didn’t come out of the closest until three hours after my uncle left.”
Emma finishes her story and starts crying. Leo says, “I’m sorry, I never would have asked you what happened if I knew it was such a gruesome story!” Emma says, “It's fine. I just wish I could I could forget what really happened. I memorize everything I see in an instant but that also means I can’t forget anything too. I used to think I had a gift, but now all I see it as is a curse!” Leo says, “Don’t think like that! Sure, you can’t forget what happened to your parents but you need to take the good with the bad. If you forgot how they died, then all your good memories of them would eventually fade too.”
Emma says, “You know, I never really thought about it like that. I guess I really am gifted ‘cuz I get to keep my parents with me in my heart forever.” Smiling, Emma turns to Leo and says, “Thank you, Leo, for helping me realize this and for rescuing me from the weather and myself.” Leo blushes and turns his head away from Emma. She continues, “I hate to trouble you guys any further but could I please grab all the stuff I left behind before I say goodbye to this place for good. I was so scared and small last time I was here. I buried my parents and then fled and never looked back. I didn’t even grab my important and precious thing.”
Leo turns to face her and says,” You can grab all your stuff but you don’t have to leave and we won’t force you out, either. This was place was our refuge from the weather and the world. Now it can be your refuge too. I know you have a very bad memory here but I know you have lots more happy memories here too, don’t you?” Emma smiles and says, “You’re absolutely right, Leo! So if your offer is still on the table, and if the rest of the kids don’t mind, then I would really like to stay here! In my old bed, in my old room, in my old home! But with my new family!”

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