Cassie Heart

February 12, 2018
By Kamie GOLD, White House, Texas
Kamie GOLD, White House, Texas
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In a little village near the ocean, there lived a 16 year old girl named Cassie Heart. Cassie had long naturally apple red hair, pale skin, light pink lips, and a voice as smooth and soft as silk. Her most important quality was her heart; which was so big and pure, she was able to heal people’s hearts with her touch! One day, when Cassie went to the stream outside the village to grab some water for her town, she was attacked by her family! Cassie was about to scream for help but then her father, William Heart, covered her mouth and whispered, “Please calm down, my child! We must leave this town or else you will perish here!” Cassie calmed down long enough for her mother, Lily Heart, to explain everything. Lily said, “The village chief was out on his morning rounds when he saw you heal that sick, dying child on the beach. He convinced the entire village that you are a witch. They are planning to burn you in the town square tonight! We must quickly flee to your aunt’s village.” Cassie looked at her twin brother, Kyle Heart, and her 10 year old sister, Kate Heart, and saw terror, sadness, and fear in their eyes. Cassie realized that they were terrified and sad for their sister and they feared that their family might be torn apart. Cassie, after a little thought, said, “Okay let us go to Aunt Lisa’s village.” So the Heart family traveled to find their new home.

In New York City, there is a 16 year old girl named Cassie Heart, who had fiery red hair, pale skin, light pink lips, and a soft and smooth voice. Even though Cassie was only 16, she was a fully qualified doctor. Cassie was the best doctor in New York! Most people even said she was a witch because she had a “magic touch” when it came to healing. So many people, actually, that they plotted against her! During breakfast, her father, William Heart, said,” Cassie, you are in danger! The whole city actually believes that you’re a witch! I overheard some people on the subway, saying how they planned on getting rid of you, permanently! We must move to Los Angeles, where your Aunt Lisa lives. Cassie looks around the breakfast table at her twin brother, Kyle Heart, her 10 year old sister, Kate Heart, and her mother, Lily Heart. They all had sadness and worry in their eyes. Cassie said, “Alright, let’s pack up and move as soon as possible! I will call my work and say that I quit then I will help you all pack!” The family cleaned up breakfast, then started packed up their apartment. After five hours, the family was done packing and was on the road, heading for Los Angeles!

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