February 11, 2018
By KaiyaBryanna SILVER, Gainesville , Florida
KaiyaBryanna SILVER, Gainesville , Florida
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Their parents have been agruing fot the last hour and a half. They've been doing that evey night for the past two weeks. Twins Amealia and Amallia are 10 years old, and this night changed thier life forever.

The dad came home, and when he walked through the front door, the atmosphere of the room went calm to tense in the snap of a finger. The dad sat down on the couch with an agitated face. The mom tried to comfort him with a hot plate of food, an ice cold drink and some Sunday night footabll. The Jag's were playing. But instead of being pleased with the mom's effort, he got up and threw the meal on the carpetted floor and stormed up to the master bedroom. When the twins heard thier mother crying, they cautiously crept downstairs, making sure not to walk on the creaky steps, to help her clean up the messy floor. As they were almost done cleaning, the master bedroom door swung open, and the dad came stomping down the stairs. The twins dashed under the table, leaving their mother to finish with the carpet.

"Woman, where are my pill bottles?" The dad sternly answered.

Stammering, the mom replied " A-a-aren't theyin the bottom drawer of your nightstand?"

"Obviously not. If they were there, I WOULDN'T BE ASKING YOU!"

The mom began crying, she doesn't like being yelled at.

Annoyed, the dad told her, "Ima gove you something to cry about. Now where are pill bottles?"

Wiping her tears, the mom said "ohh," trying to put a smile on her face "I am so sorry honey, I moved them to the bathroom when I was cleaning. They're inside the mirror." He walked over to her, smiled, put his hands an her shoulder and then bashed her on her face. As she fell to the floor, the dad looked down on her and said, "Next time, don't touch my stuff, ever."  The mom, on the floor, was clutching her face, which was bruised and bloody with a cut across the middle of her cheek. The twins, still under the table, were clutching each other, shaking and teary eyed. After their mother stopped crying, Amealia ran to the bathroom the get the first aid kit and Amallia went to comfort he mother. After her wounds were adressed, the mom took her twins up to thier room, reassured them and tucked them into bed. As soon as the mom finished tucking them in, the dad came busting through their door lyelling and looking tipsy. The twins jumped out of bed and ran into the closet.

"Why, w-why haven't you polihed my work boots and ironed my uniform for tomorrow?"

" Oh, um, I'm, I'm going now honey."

As the mom started to rise up from the bed, thne dad pulled out a black object from his waist and waived it at her. "Y-ya know what? Sit down. Just leave it alone. You're not worthy enough to clean my clothes, let alone by wife, You're a disgrace to my life." With a confused look on her face, she said "What are you talking about honey? You're just saying that, you probaby just took too many .. " "Shut up female," He interrupted with a growl. "Y-you know what? I'm done with you, with these bratty kids, w-with everything."

Trying to reassure her husband, the mom said " Honey, you're not you right now, you've been really, REALLY stressed lately, just, just," The dad brought the black object to his chin, to where the mom was able to see clearly that is was a gun. "No, honey, um, put the gun down, put it down.." she started slowly easing towrds him. "You don't tell me what to do anymore female, and you never will.. ever again" The mom launched herself toward the dad, but she was too late.


The dad was lying on the floor, breathless. The mom, on top of him, crying, was trying to stop the bleeding. But she knew it, and the twins did too, he was gone. Forever. In the closet, the twins stood there, in shock, not knowing wether to cry, feel relived or to be with their mother and dead father. Getting up from the floor, the mom ran to her bedroom to call the police. The twins exited the closet and peered over the dead body. tears rolling down their cheeks. Amealia closed one eye, Amallia closed the other, and they both kissed his cheek

" Come on you two, the police are on their way, yeah I know, come on.."

And with that being said, and with one last look at the dead body, they left the room without ever looking back. This night will forver be embedded in their brains. Forever.

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