People want

February 15, 2018
By Anonymous

People Want

“Should I do what I want of myself or what people want of me?”  the boy asked the approaching dark figure…
“Well, that is a tough choice, however, it is yours, so I can’t make the decision for you, but I can help you make it. Don’t always do what you want every chance you get; actually do something the people want you to do. It’ll go a long way.” The other figure walked off, leaving Zaz, the dark figure, to ponder his decision from the suggestion his brother Baz had made.
“Well in that case I’ll do something people want me to do and I guess uh.” Zaz takes off out of his room to go ask his brother what he should do. He speaks to Baz and he isn’t any help and he tells him, “Sorry that’s your choice not mine.” Zaz still has no clue what to do so he decides to go outside and ask some ‘people’ what he should do.
“Hello is there anything I can do for you people today!?” He shouts into the neighborhood. “No your a selfish little… Brat! All you do are thing’s for yourself” “Not anymore I will do something for you all please I want to make things better!” “Well then, you can start by helping us clean our yards.” He starts towards his first neighbor’s house grabs a rake and starts raking.
Zaz is halfway through his neighborhood and he notices his shirt is soaked with sweat. His brother is walking by and tosses him a water bottle. He opens, takes a drink, and then starts to chug the water. He has been working for two and a half hours without eating or drinking anything. Baz says, “Zaz go back to the house and get something to eat!”
He goes back to the house and throws some pizza rolls into the microwave. Once they finish he smells the air of pizza rolls and says, “Time for you to go in my stomach!” He wolfed them down and then his stomach started grumbling and he collapsed to the floor. Baz came in and saw him cenching his stomach in pain. He helps his brother up and Zaz covers his mouth like he’s about to puke.
Baz leaves him on the couch and grabs a cup and gets some juice. He handed it to Zaz and he slowly drank it. “Thanks Baz I feel better time to get back to work.” “No you need to rest, those people can we wait until you’re feeling better.” Zaz feels groggy without realizing Baz had slipped in some medicine to put him to sleep. He sits up before he can’t hold himself up anymore and falls back and drifts to sleep.
Once Zaz awakens it is night time, he eyes Baz sleeping in the chair fully reclined. He gets up and makes something to eat. He can’t help but notice that there was a meat-lover's pizza sitting on the counter. His mouth waters and helps himself.
Baz wakes up and sees Zaz eating his pizza and decides to mess with him, “YOU THERE WITH MY PIZZA!” Zaz jumps and one of his slices smacks himself straight in the face, because he jumped then dropped the plate. Zaz yells back, “YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING!”
Baz laughs and walks in the kitchen and grabs 3 slices and warms it up for 45 seconds in the microwave. “Well you shouldn’t of been digging into my pizza without me.” “You left it on that there counter… So I just helped myself.” Baz thought about this then said,” Your right my bad, I should know your gonna stuff up on pizza.” “Haha you know I love pizza as much as I do you.”
Zaz finishes eating his pizza and washes the dishes. He takes a shower and then goes to his bed to go to sleep. Baz is in his room listening to music and talking with his group of friends on his computer.  They are speaking of what they should do once they all graduate. They all want to go to seperate colleges. Baz decides to finally speak out, “Well guys I think I might go to a college for a masters degree in the business department.”
He surprises all of his friends when he says this as they had always expected him to go the easy way and go for a bachelor's degree. They all call it a night and log off to do their own thing eventually once they have all shared their future plans. Baz sits in his chair for a while to think. He decides to go check on Zaz and he is asleep. Baz goes back into his room, he turns off his music and lights and goes to bed.
Baz gets up at about nine thirty am. Zaz is still asleep so he writes a letter to the college he wants to attend and sends it off. Zaz wakes up and asks Baz what he’s been doing. “Well little brother I just sent a letter to a college I want to attend.” “Good for you, where am I gonna stay if you do get to go?” You will stay with grandpa Soap. Zaz goes to grandpa Soap's house and Baz leaves for college.

The author's comments:

I just randomly thought this up while I was watching 'Big Hero 6'

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