The One

February 15, 2018
By JoleneV BRONZE, Rushville, New York
JoleneV BRONZE, Rushville, New York
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The One                      
My friends surround me with questions as I walk down the sunlit path to the large boat that will take me to Hawaii. As I am about to board the boat, a boy rushes through the people that crowd the dock. He is extremely filthy, and is headed towards... me?
“Pay attention to this information because it will help you,” he said as he hurried up to me.
“Excuse me!” one of my friends piped up, “What exactly are you talking about?”
“If Mia is the girl you are surrounding, she’s The One,” the boy stated  hurriedly.
“What do you mean ‘The One’?” I asked (I’m Mia).
“People are planning to kidnap you and blow up the boat,” the boy informed me.
“I really don’t have time for jokes right now,” I replied as I turned towards the boat.
“ I would regret that choice if I were you,” he said mysteriously as he vanished into the crowd.
When he left, my friends turned to look at me and assured me he was insane and that nothing will happen. But as I boarded the boat and said goodbye, I wondered if he was serious. I pushed the topic out of my head as I caught a guy staring at me from the railing of the boat. I gave the boatman my ticket and looked around as he showed me to my room. I didn’t spot anything suspicious.
Later that night, after I had drifted  asleep, I woke up to the sound of whispering voices. It sounded like two men. What were they doing in my room?! Then I remembered. The boy was right. They’re coming for me, and I should have listened to him.

The author's comments:

A trip to Hawaii turns into disaster.

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