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February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

Our whole society is awful. WE destroy anything and everything that once was close to us like friendship, marriage, and family.All we’ve become is a negative world looking for a way to destroy ourselves. Like fathers leaving families, parents not taking care of children forcing the grandparents to raise the kids. I would say it all started about three generations ago when people first start partying. People would hook up together thinking that they were for each other and there was nobody else for them in the whole world. They would give birth at a young age and realize that they were just kids that didn’t have clue on what to do. So they go to their parents crying begging for help with their kids, leaving them with the grandparents. Then their children would grow up respecting their grandparents and not their parents. The parents would try taking control when they are done messing around but by then it's to late because they already have a figure of authority. So the kids rebell agastin the parents making the same mistakes as their parents which leads to a worse road. We need to stop the cycle we’ve fallen into the last few generations. Which the only way to stop it is with our current generation, teach them right from wrong and show them the correct way in the correct form. That's the first way to stop or at least slow down the hole we’ve duggan. Another way is to IS TO BE A FAMILY. As a whole we’ve stopped doing things with our families. For example parents watching TV show kids can’t watch (Family guy, American Dad, Cleveland show, robot chicken, etc). We don’t go outside and play like a family used to do. Another example is teens playing video games and not outside learning new things. AS a family people need to go outside and just play a game like football, soccer, tennis, basketball, or volleyball. The common people need to refind the meaning of the word “family” and what it means to them.
I’m the dark corner of your mind. The place where no one dares to touch, … but why? Are people afraid they’ll see their true selves? Do they fear the truth and what it will bring along? Or have they grown to like their fake skins? The thoughts are always there with us. Never to change or be messed with. Once there almost impossible to be removed from your mind, but is that a bad thing? You could remember all of your past for better or worse. Like the sound of a mother singing her child to sleep, or a mother leaving for some man in the middle of the night. A father playing catch with his child, or the painful memory of a father leaving a child and mother. That's the beauty of the human mind and how it works. We can try to suppress memories, but they always come to the surface in the end. No matter how hard you try to forget it. The only way to move past it is to embrace our memories and bring light to the darkest corners of our minds.

What defines a friendship? Is it our choice, or is it destiny? Should we challenge them or just be happy with what we have? Can we ever be happy with our friends or will we always crave more? I believe that we should test our friendships and find out who is truly our friends in this world. Our friends define us and what we want to be like.

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