the night i lost myself

February 6, 2018
By abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Many times, i’ve felt lonely. Without someone to talk to. I can’t explain it. I’ve cried myself to sleep and no one hear me. I always wished that someone heard me. Or that they came into my room and hugged me tightly. But how was I going to explain to them what I was going through. I didn’t want everyone to know what had happened.

“ I’m leaving now Citlali. If not my mom is going to get worried if I’m not home by 10 minutes.”

“Okay, Elizabeth. Just be careful. I would go with you but my parents still haven’t  came home yet.”

“ It’s fine. Don’t worry. I’ll text you, once I get home.”

But I didn’t know that, that was going to be the worst night of my life. The night that I lost myself. But nothing could be done. Everyone would continue with their lives while I fade away with no one having a clue. The days go by as I cry, and no one actually realizes that I haven’t been myself lately. I haven’t stayed after-school for drama club, nor have they realized that I stop hanging out after school, nor how I barely go to school now after that night. The night i will never forget. 

I can still remember walking home. I heard noises, they got closer. I got terrified, that i started to run. While running, i would look back, but there was no one there.

“It was just me.” I thought as i got my breathe, and i started walking normal. Just as i turned right, there was a bunch of guy smoking. The same one that are always there.
“ Hey Elizabeth, how was your study date?” one of them stated as they blew out.
I stopped. “ What?”

“ I said how was your study date?”

How did he know? No one knew other than Citlali. “ How do you know i was with Citlali? How do you even know Citlali?”

“ All your questions will be answered, just if you come with me.”

“ I can’t. I have to go home. My parents are waiting for me.” I answered as i walked away. He gasps my arm.

“ Are you sure about that? Are you sure that they’re even alive? Because look...”

Looking back at him in shock. “ What? You killed them?”

“ of course how did you know?” i couldn’t believe it my parents were killed by this monster.” Stop crying. This wouldn’t have happened if you accepted my love.”

“ AND KILLING MY PARENTS WAS GOING TO MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?” i started to run home. Once i got home i see that my whole home was a huge mess. I started to look in the room to see if my parents were there, but all i saw was their dead bodies. He killed them. He killed my parents.

I called the police, and told them what happened. All they told was that he can’t be arrested because no one was the crime and there was no evidence of him being there. But i promise to my parents their deaths won’t be left without justice. Even if i have to do it with my own hands.

That was the night i lost myself. But most importantly my family.

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