As life Goes On

February 1, 2018
By nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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I remember a time before they came.


I remember the green grass hugging the earth, the breeze kissing my cheeks. I remember the land dotted with color of every hue, flowers varying in shapes and growing free. I remember the clear sky spanning the horizon, wisps of fluffy cloud floating without a care. I remember an orb of yellow, gold, and orange setting upon the horizon as it set the heavens alight with pinks and purples and reds. I remember waterfalls flying down mountains to greet the land and the scent of the sea wrapping around me. I remember clear droplets floating from the sky to peck my eyes and breathing in the aroma of bliss. I remember creatures of every shape and size and color bounding across the plains, dancing in the air, or resting in the rivers unbound. I remember starts dotting the sky, twinkling at me.


And I remember when that all disappeared.

With a wave of a hand, the universe’s last gift vanished and a curse took its place.


Now, all I see is gray.


I see harsh gravel smothering the earth and smog attacking my senses. I see metal monsters, large dark creations of concrete and brick replacing the trees that once prospered. I see what’s left of the sky, thick and heavy clouds coating what’s above. I see hints of amber peeking through and on occasion a pale roseate, but never more than mere glimpses. I see murky oceans, polluted with unnatural material and the sour smell of oil and death. I see acidic rain falling with the ability to dissolve the earth and damage the ponds.


I no longer see the mountain ranges that once stretched across the entire world and the waterfalls have all but disappeared.  I no longer see wild creatures free and alive, but in cages, restrained for entertainment or punishment for their nature. I no longer see the stars wink at me, for the sky isn’t visible. 

I see the earth barren, stripped of its beauty.


Now as I watch the overgrown monkeys take hold of what remains, what disaster they created, all I can do is laugh. They dug themselves into this mess, keep burying themselves deeper, and they can enjoy what is left.

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