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February 2, 2018
By cat.war7399 BRONZE, Washington D.C., District Of Columbia
cat.war7399 BRONZE, Washington D.C., District Of Columbia
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Chapter 1: The beginning

Mary struggled to hold in her foul language as she burned her hand on the fresh plate of cookies she made for her daughter’s birthday. Susan, Mary’s eldest and only daughter, was turning 9.
“Howard, be a dear and help me with the food won’t you?” asked Mary of her husband.
“Ok, one second!” he yelled back from the other room.
Susan skipped into the kitchen with her long dirty blonde hair trailing behind her and took a cookie right off the tray. She got her hair from her father Howard but she was built like her mother. Howard was 5’7 and very muscular and always had his light brown hair slicked back with tons of hair gel. Mary, however, had wavy brown hair that fit her round face nicely. Unlike her husband who had a perfect complexion, she had freckles sprinkled across the bridge of her nose and her cheekbones. Both of them had beautiful green eyes.

Howard and Mary met while he was attending university at Boston College. After he graduated, they moved out to Albany NY. He pursued life as a doctor while Mary stayed home to care for the kids. After Susan turned 5, the family moved to Montgomery, Alabama so that Howard could open up his own medical practice. They lived in a nice big four bedroom house. The house in which her youngest son, Richard, would be born. By the time Richard was born, Susan was 8 and the middle child, Noah, was 6. They lived the perfect life. Mary went to the women’s club on Mondays and Wednesdays. Many of the women envied her for her looks, wit, and money. For not only did Howard do extremely well, but Mary was born into money. Her father was a colonel in the first world war and continued in the army. While her mother was an extremely successful poet.

Mitch was Mary’s best friend. She helped to set up for the birthday party. After the party was over, they left the kids with their husbands and went out for a drink.
“And what would it be for you two ladies tonight?” asked the bartender.
“I’ll have a glass of wine, please.” said Mitch.
“I’ll be fine with water, thank you.” followed Mary.
The waiter walked away from the girls. As he did there were a few moments of silence. During these moments of silence, Mary noticed that Mitch wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Mary was curious as to why. However, Mary hated being nosy. Not this time though.
“Mitch, where’s your ring?”
“Oh…” Mitch stopped for the moment.
It looked like as if she was trying to think of an excuse.
“We haven’t gotten along very well lately. He’s been acting weird and different ever since he’s been taking those Dr. Webster enhancing pills. He’s just always stressed and angry.” Mitch said.

Dr. Webster. Mary had heard of him from Television ads. He had come up with some formula that supposedly made you smarter, stronger and better looking. They only made them for men. Dr. Webster told the public that that was because the women’s pill would be harder to make than the men. Mary didn’t believe that. She thought that he didn’t want women to be able to be smarter. Despite Mary’s disliking of the idea her husband decided to try them. He had only taken them for three weeks so she didn’t notice a huge difference.

A few weeks passed and Mitch’s husband, Roy, became severely ill. He was bedridden and had to have a doctor (that doctor being Howard) visit once every day. Though it seemed he was showing signs of the flu, Howard thought it was something much worse.

Mary began to worry that her husband would soon endure the same fate as Roy. Though Roy wasn’t dead, he probably would be better off if he was.

2 months after Roy had fallen ill, he sadly passed away. Mitch was devastated. Even now, with Roy dead, things went on as they usually do in the little town they lived in. Mitch and Mary still went to the women's club, Howard still went to work 5 days a week. Thankfully for Mitch, Roy left all of his money to her, which was quite a lot.

Everything in Mary's life was going quite smoothly for many weeks after that. Except the fact that, Howard started being rude and having mood swings. Just like Roy did.

Chapter Notes:

Tell me if you would like me to write another chapter or if you have any suggestions!

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