One dusty box holds many locks

February 1, 2018
By Nadstar BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
Nadstar BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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A short story about two sisters and their times together. Chapter 1: One box “You want this box? It’ll fit more things” A mother called from the basement, walking up the stairs to her daughter's rooms. Watching as her baby girl packs her books and drawings, she reminisces about her younger times.
“I’ll take the things out and use it, thanks mom” The daughter thanked her, hearing her bedroom door creak with such little movement.
She walked away grabbing articles of clothing, the mother watched with dejected eyes. “Kia, if you need help remember your Dad and I will be sitting in the living room” The mother reminded, before closing the bedroom door.
Kia looked around her room, her deer like eyes searching for those special little things. Her dark pink lips slightly squished, with frustration and slightly pointed nose crinkly due to irritation. Short thick strands of hair matching the color of black coffee blew with the fan as it turned around in circles.
Kia’s hand grabbed the box from before spilling the contents out onto her bed. Quickly she turned around grabbing all of her art supplies, turning around and facing the bed once more.
“Kristina?” Kia stared at the contents of the box before, grabbing a small stuffed Russian blue cat. Her lips painted with a slight smile. Before noticing gold fur lying beside the box, she grabbed the gold fur, lifting a small golden retriever “Dino?”
The bright gold fur from before now a musky yellow with naked patches. Mud and dirt stain the adorable face, even though the smile had a few patches.
“Who’s that?” A newborn baby laid in her mother’s arms, a girl standing next to the hospital bed with her father.
“It’s your new baby sister, Kia” Her mother spoke with delight, her older daughter staring at the baby, still confused about the situation. Watching the little thing with curious eyes, her chubby sausage fingers reached for the baby’s little hand. Scarred, she pulled her hand back, afraid of hurting her little sister.
“Can I touch her?” She wondered, her mother nodded watching as she climbed up next to her. Those little chubby stubby fingers grabbed a smaller delicate hand. Lynn moved closer towards the younger one. Her hand reaching over a cat doll, gifted to her younger sister. Until a loud cry came from the infant, Lynn crawled down from the bed running to her father. Worried that she did some harm to her baby sister, tears began rolling down her eyes her hands gripping the stuffed golden retriever in her hands. Rocking Kia side to side, her mother hushed the loud wails. Her father squatted down hugging Lynn, the two parents quietly laughed.
“Don’t touch him!!” Lynn shouted, taking her golden retriever from Kia’s arms. Kia’s face began to turn red, she sat herself down, thick wavy hair hid her small face, the color of dark chocolate. Unmasked when roaring cries came from her sister’s mouth. Their mother running into the bedroom, worried. Quickly she walked towards Kia, looking over her small body.
“Lynn, what did you do?” Her mother asked, making Kia stand on her feet.
“She took Dino! I told her not to touch him!” Lynn complained long thin strands of hair covered her red cheeks. A pout painted on her thin pale lips, dark hazel eyes glancing side to side.
“Lynn you’re a second grader, Kia is in kindergarten” Her mother explained, calming down Kia.
“She just took him! She has her cat!” Lynn fumed stomping her feet, clenching her fists.
“Lynn she’s youn-” Lynn ran out the bedroom, running straight towards the bathroom. Slamming and locking the door before sitting quietly in the tub.
“I don’t care if she’s younger, it’s my stuff and she can’t touch it” She mumbled smacking her hands against the bathtub.

“Kia!! Help me!” Lynn yelled from their bedroom, Kia walked away from the kitchen table hearing a loud thud afterward. Opening the door she finds Lynn lying on the ground among dozens of boxes.
“You have to throw everything everywhere” Kia complained at the sight of boxes, clothes, books, and pillows were thrown about in their green room. Lynn chuckled nervously, avoiding her sister’s deer- like eyes.
Kneeling on her knees Lynn begged, “I just need help packing, mom and dad aren’t home and I gotta leave soon”. Kia slightly nodded grabbing an empty box, hands reaching underneath the blankets grabbing onto something soft and furry.
“OMG DINO!?” Lynn walked over towards Kia, looking over her old furry friend. His fur falling out of place, leaving naked spaces. Stains marked his face, with a patched smile.
“Dino, I’m sorry bud but imma have to leave you here” Lynn sighed, grabbing a medium-large box behind. Placing the old stuffed animal into the box carefully, she smiled a slight sad like smile before grabbing another box.
“You’re not taking him with you?” Kia questioned looking down at the smiling pup.
“He’ll be better here, instead of out there with this one” Lynn pointed to herself.
“You need help their smart one?” Kia snapped from her trance, dropping the two animals, facing the bedroom door.
“Eww, you actually came back?” Kia grimaced, her face filled with disgust.
“Eww, you actually came back?” Lynn mocked walking into the room.
“I didn’t come back for your sorry ass, come on let’s get some food in celebration for moving out the house!” Lynn grinned, Kia smiling along.
Leaving behind one dusty box with two locks.

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