Touching the Sky

January 26, 2018
By FizzPop BRONZE, Dove Creek, Colorado
FizzPop BRONZE, Dove Creek, Colorado
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October 1, 2017

It all began that day. We were walking to the park to have a picnic. We were holding hands and they were swinging me back and forth like I was on a swing. When we arrive there they lay out our checkered blanket and set the picnic basket down. We ate a little, then played tag, ate a little, then played tag, on and on.
“Hey mom? Come and get me.” I yelled from behind the park equipment.

“Okay, where are you?” my mom replied pretending like she didn’t know where I was and trust me, she knew.
Suddenly my mom faints and falls to the ground. My dad runs over to her and yells at me to grab a phone. I run to the picnic table and fall over a rock, which caused me to fall and bloody up both knees. But, I get back up and keep running. I eventually get the phone and run as fast as I can back over to my dad. He takes and dials 911. He tells them what happened and where we were. As he is talking I run away scared and panicked. I hear sirens and just cover my ears tightly. The ERs are talking to my dad when he asks them if they’ve see me, they shake their heads no. Then he tells them to take my mom and that he’ll find me, and then drive to the hospital. He is running around the park screaming my name until he finally found me perched behind a tree. He grabs me by the arm and we run to the car, not even worrying about what we left at the park. We hop in the car and my dad fastens my seablet, then fastens his. He turns the key and we race to the hospital.

Now the next part is only for audiences who can stand the idea of death. We arrive at the hospital, and while walking in all I can see is sickness. Nothing good in this hospital except the birth of a little child. The nurses show us to the emergency room that my mom was in. We walk in there and there is tears in her eyes. Me and my dad run up to her and give her huge hug. She smiles at me and brushes my hair away from my face.
“So honey, we’ve got some bad news.” my mom says.

“Mom?” I reply knowing that what was next could be the last next in her life.

“I’ve got cancer, and I know you are really young so we won’t go to deep into it but, I could very likely be going with God, in like three months.” my mom says with tears falling down her plush cheeks.

“Mommy.” I cry without saying another word, because my mom was going to be able to touch the sky soon.

We walk out of the emergency room and my mom decided to go with me. You see at that time I didn’t know this but, she was to far along in her cancer that they couldn’t do anything and the doctor suggested just going home and spending as much time with family as possible. You no the worst part about it all was knowing that she was going to die, and looking at her every day, that one day I wouldn’t be able to do that.

We arrive home and I hide under my covers sobbing, and praying that the Lord would sent us a miracle, the miracle that my mom would live. That night no one said anything, there was no food being cooked, and no goodnight kisses for me.

The three months were the fastest three months that had happened. My mom was put on bed rest in the hospital and me and my father did not leave her side. Well until my dad had to go talk to the doctor. That left me and mom in the room together. She looked at me with such a pale and thin face trying her best to smile.
“Miley, I love you, I truly do, but, we’ve got to say goodbye or else I might not get to. Okay? Please Miley?” my mom said with tears in her eyes.

“Of course mom, anything for you.” I say through a bunch of tears.

“I alway will love my little Miley.” she said her voice slowly straining away.

“Mom don’t go, stay, Stay, STAY!” I screamed but, I guess my prayer wasn’t loud enough because my mom slipped away from me, just in a matter of seconds. The whole hospital come in and is checking to see if she has just fallen asleep but, I knew, she was gone. They shake their heads at my dad and he gets on his knees and begins to cry himself. Then I walk over to my mom hug her and walk away, with all tears falling down my face. We arrive home but, my father must forget that I’m still here because he didn’t get me dinner, and just walked to his room. So I walk up to my room and start drawing a plan so that me and my mom could touch the sky. I start drawing a ladder that I believed would eventually go up far enough to see her one last time, and tell her that I would always love her. I sneak outside and get into my dad two by four then find the screw gun. I begin my work and actually get like twenty feet done on the ladder. I stand up the ladder and tilt it against the wall and begin to climb up the only make is to my roof but I figure that is close for tonight, but so I can see my mom, I walk inside grab my blankets and a pillow and make my bed up on the roof. I wonder which one of these thousands of stars is my mom. I fall asleep and picture my mom right there beside me.

I guess my dad did realize I was still there because he called the cops and told them I was missing. They found my ladder and climber up onto the roof to find me.

“Come on let’s take you inside.” the police say.

I walk inside and my dad hugs me.

“Miley we’ve have got to stick together now, mom would want that, okay?” he says holding back tears.
“Okay daddy.” I say.

I poured myself a bowl of cereal, and began to sing a song. And the next thing you know my dad runs into the room and asks me who is singing on TV. I tell him that it was me.

“We’re going to find you a audition.” my dad says.

I figured one day that I would be a singer, I loved to sing and dance. I could hear my dad talking on the phone and asking anyone and everyone if they had an auditioning open. When he is finally done talking on the phone he glumps back up the stairs.

“Sorry honey, not a single audition is open.” he said.

“Dad, it’s okay, I have other things to do.” I say and begin on working on touching the sky. I had been upstairs for hours and now I was exhausted. So I lay my head on my pillow, and pray to the Lord, asking him when I could see my mom one more time and my prayers were answered. An angel appeared in my room.

“If you would like to see your mom you need to build the ladder with your heart. Use your love to get to her.” the angel said.

“Love?” and the angle was gone.

My deep love for my mom would get me to her. I go outside and get on my knees repeating the same words over and over again, I love you mom. Slowly I begin to levitate off the ground and I soon come to see a woman in the sky, this woman is my mom. She puts her hands against mine.

“Mom!” I yell.

She puts her fingers to her lips and indicates that she cannot speak. We smile at each other and give each other the last hug until I’m gone myself. At least now I know my mom is where she always belonged.

The author's comments:

This Short Story is a story of love between a mother and daughter. Something tears them apart and they both wander if they will ever see eachother again.

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