January 26, 2018
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evaristbego SILVER, Tirana, Other
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...And there I was. Alone, desperate, sitting in the dark. Doors. Doors all around me. All closed and locked. I couldn't take it anymore.


'Please,' I shouted in agony, 'please let me in!'


No answer. I get up. Go to the nearest door.


'Open the door!' I yelled as I kicked the door.


Nothing. Nothing happened for years, or at least that's what it felt like. And yet I wouldn't stop. I couldn't. I had to go on. And then, the day came. The day I finally stopped. I was tired of all this nonsense. And as soon as I stopped, I hear a creak. I get up.


'What was that?' I ask myself.


I see a pinch of light. It blinds me as I try to cover my eyes. It takes some time but I finally get used to it. A strange figure, almost human-like was standing in front of me.


'Who are you?' I ask the creature.


No answer.


'Tell me who you are,' I ask again while slightly raising my voice.


'Come with me,’ the creature says in a calm, soothing, almost manipulative voice.


I, strangely, obey the creature, and follow it. We go through the door and arrive in a strange place, a good strange. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. In the distance I see other strange figures, they were just like the first one. They approach me. They start talking to me. We became friends, good ones. It felt like a fairytale. There's no way that was true. I got a strange feeling in that moment. A feeling I had never felt in years. It was weird, but good. I felt alive. I felt unstoppable. I felt as the world was finally mine. I was blinded by that. Years passed and I was living a very happy life. I wasn’t scared anymore. But one day I wake up. I look at myself in the mirror, and it finally hit me. I wasn’t the same person as I was the day I went through that door. Sure, I was happy and all, but something, something was off and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. And then I get a feeling of emptiness in my stomach. As if I had lost something I once had. I ignore it and continue getting ready for the day. 


I get out of the house and see one of my friends.


‘Good morning!’ he says.


'Good morning to you too!’ I answer.


But that feeling came back, it was painful this time. I look at him again, and something about his eyes made me want to go back inside. I didn’t. I proceeded with my day.


As I greeted others, I could see that same look in their eyes. They were dreadful. Filled with anger. They were quite scary, indeed. But nothing else happened so I let it slide. Days passed and I could see many changes in their behaviour. They were different. They seemed wrong. My friends, they were changing. They weren't the friends I met when I escaped my dark room. I couldn't take this anymore. I had to put an end on this madness.


‘Please, please stop this,’ I begged.


‘No, never!’ “it” hissed.


And as soon as I heard that, the world froze. All this thoughts, buzzing through my mind. What happened? Who are these people?
Something knocks me down. It was one of them.


‘Either become one of us, or leave!’ “it” yelled while pointing at that grim, dark door, I once escaped from.


I get up and walk towards that door. I open it. And there it was. My entire life was flashing in front of my eyes. And now I was trying to escape it.


I glance back at them. They were all roaming around, going on a rampage. Total chaos. I go inside and shut the door behind me.
There I was. Back to square one. But this time different. All these thoughts, colliding in my mind. Time passed and the thoughts didn’t go away.


Again I hear something, that same strange creak I once had heard. A figure appeared.


‘Hey!’ it said, ‘Do you remember me?


‘Get out!’ I yell.


The door closed making a heavy sound, never to be open again.


I was alone again.

The author's comments:

A personal experience inspired me to write this piece. I hope people will sympathize with this experience and associate it with their own experiences. 

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