Derelict House

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

Along the rusty road on the empty desolated corner is an enormous derelict house. Crunchy dry grass filled the front yard. As I walked through the long dead yard I can hear the grass crumble underneath my feet. Lifeless brown vines hang from the top of the house like a monkey hanging from a tree. The old shattered windows are broken into a million pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. The copper red bricks are cracked like a careless persons phone. Shingles were missing from the roof. Exterior walls looked like termites had invaded the ramshackle battetered house. The dirt filled white front door is scratched up as if an angry cat scratched it. The crusty dry vines began to grow onto the huge lonely house as if they were hugging it. In the inside of the house, the lifted wooden floor would creak at each step taken. The white torn walls collapsed slowly right in front of my eyes, they chipped at every corner. There were holes in each wall as if a frustrated enraged man took his anger out on the wall. Enormous monstrous spider webs filled each corner of the gigantic abandoned house. There were roaches and rats scurrying along the dusty broken floor. The destroyed ancient doors to every room were carved and scraped from top to bottom. In one of the nine rooms, the brown wallpaper was torn down as if a beast attacked it. The oxidized kitchen sink was missing from its original spot and placed on the floor. It looked like it was ripped with one’s full strength from the counter aggressively. Wrecked demolished lamps were hanging from the ceiling from one weak string dangled back and forth nonstop. The dust filled slanted clocks on the wall were not hung properly and did not read the correct time, as a matter of fact they did not move at all, they were as stiff as an iron bar. The bathrooms were dilapidated and broken down, some of the toilets were not even attached to the wall and had fell onto the floor. The light switches were not even useful because none of the lights in any of the huge damaged room including the old kitchen turned on. The colossal empty six car garage was the most desolated room of all. It was as dark as a tunnel and echoes filled the room. The temperature was cold compared to the rest of the house, I felt like I was in Alaska. As I walked from one end of the humongous garage to the other, I could hear all sorts of unpleasant and sickening creatures run and scurry between the thin white walls.

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