Level Up

January 24, 2018
By Anonymous

I saw my first arcade video game when I was six. It was a beat-up old pac-man coin-up, and it sat in the lobby of a chinese restaurant just down the street from our home. “Come on, Dennis. Our table’s ready.” “In a minute, Ma.” From then on I dreamed in pixels. The week I started third grade, a convenience store several blocks from my house got Super Mario Brothers. I stopped by every day after school, even though it wasn’t really on the way home.

This book is about the video game this boy named Dennis when he was six he saw his first arcade game called Pac-Man he wants a video game but his father wants him to study hard so he try to convince his dad to buy his video game as a Christmas present after these years his father died of liver cancer for two weeks before he graduated high school he try to stay there as long as he can when all the people left so just him and his father. After that funeral he drove to Big Boy store to buy a video started to play all day and all night wherever he goes something came to visit him.

The main character is Dennis he’s a kid that who drop out school because of his distracted by video games he has a friend named Takeem who also likes to play game as well he always go over his friend’s house to play games with him they related as brothers like super mario brothers Dennis is Luigi and Takeem is Mario.

The author's comments:

I recommend this book to anyone to read it because some of people who dropout of school is that they’re distracted by video games that is why I wanted to recommend this book to the readers to see what happen if you played too much videos games. This book is related to me because since when I was little kid I saw my first game console is ps2 when I first got it I got distracted by the game called Dragon Ball Z ever time when I come home from school I forgot to do my homework before I played game.

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