January 22, 2018
By Anonymous

       Abigail and Robin were inseparable. A sibling pair caught up in the foster system taking on the streets of New York City.  They had each other’s backs. This brother and sister dynamic duo would always get into trouble together. They listened to no one and didn’t care about anyone but each other.
        The morning sun was shining brightly into the home of Elizabeth Barnes, the foster kids’ mom. She was up early in the morning cooking breakfast for the five kids she provided for, Lilly, Dave, Miya, Abigail, and Robin. Lilly was thirteen, Dave was five, Miya was nine, Abigail was fifteen, and Robin was eight. They had to keep an eye on Dave because he was deathly allergic to peanuts. Abi really didn’t care, she just made sure that she never brought any in the house. If she did she would get yelled at by Elizabeth.
        “Come downstairs, breakfast is ready!” Elizabeth yelled upstairs for the kids.
They all came running downstairs to eat the delicious meal Elizabeth prepared for them.
        “Alright, now you know that the youngest eats first,” Elizabeth said.
        “Yes ma’am,” they all said back.
Without Elizabeth looking, Robin said to Dave, “Tell Elizabeth that from now on me and Abi can go first. If you fail to do so you’re not sleeping in a bed tonight!”
        “Elizabeth, I want Robin and Abi to go first from now on. You know, since they do a lot of cleaning,” Dave said frightened.
Elizabeth nodded, but when she looked around, she couldn’t find Abi anywhere.
        Over in a local mall, Abigail was doing a little bit of shopping, but she wasn’t planning on paying for anything. She was excellent when it came to shoplifting and overall just stealing things. She would always bring a book bag with her wherever she would go to make it easier for her to steal. She would steal clothes, jewelry, shoes and candy for her and her brother. She didn’t care about any of the other kids living in her house.  In her eyes Robin was the only one she cared about. Robin is her blood brother and no one else is biologically related to the two of them.
        Abi made it back home and went straight upstairs with her bookbag. Elizabeth followed her upstairs with food, “Where were you? I was worried, I made some breakf-,” but before she could finish her sentence, Abi shut the door. The door slowly opened and Abi took the plate. Elizabeth went back downstairs and said, “Everyone, I’m going out for a bit, I’ll be back soon. I want no arguments, fighting, or fires. Abi’s in charge if you need anything, knock on her door.”
Robin went upstairs to see what Abigail got for him. He looked at her hands and asked, “Are those peanuts? You know we can have those in here! Are you crazy,”
        “First of all, watch your tone. Second of all yes, but didn’t get to finish them when I was out,” Abigail answered.
Robin knew that no good would come out of her bringing the peanuts into the house. He just told her to eat them quickly before Dave came upstairs.
As soon as Elizabeth left, Robin went downstairs and took over. He was ordering everyone around telling them to clean the dishes. Miya had enough and decided to speak up, “I’m not listening to you, you’re only eight and a little boy wanting attention.”
        “Are you talking to my brother?” A stern voice said from the top of the stairs. It was Abigail. “I know you’re not talking to MY brother. You know what, you just found yourself a one-way ticket to doing the dishes all by yourself.”
        “But-,” Miya tried to speak.
Abi went and grabbed Miya’s shirt and said, “If you ever try to speak to me or my brother like that ever again, I will make your life a living HELL.”
     Miya did the dishes with no arguments. Lilly decided to help out so that Miya wouldn’t cry. When Elizabeth was gone Abi made the kids do everything, and when she was back Abi was a quiet soul and didn’t say much. She went back to her room to take another look at everything she stole. Miya kicked Abi’s door open and yelled’ “What is wrong with you! We did nothing to you, and yes, I am yelling at you!”
        “What are you doing, get out,” Abi yelled back “or I’ll hurt you.”
        “HIT me. Perfect. Let’s show Elizabeth the bruise that you-” before she could finish her sentence, Abigail punched Miya right in the face.
        “I don’t care. What don’t you understand.” Abi said after she had knocked her on her face.
Miya stormed down the stairs and pushed Robin with a force so hard he fell to the floor.
         Dave managed to sneak upstairs in front of Abigail’s door and heard her crying. He was halfway down the stairs but turned back. He went into the room and gave Abigail a hug. He told her that even though she was mean to him, he was going to be nice to her, for that was what his parents told him before they gave him up to foster care. He told her his story about how his parents had to give him up because that couldn’t take care of him due to drugs and alcohol abuse; that was exactly one year ago. Since Dave was so open about his story, Abi decided to tell him her’s.
        Before I and Robin came here to Elizabeth’s house, we were living in Maine. My parent's names were Mary and Thomas and we were going to have a little sister, but I’ll get to that in a little bit. We went for a family vacation in  upstate New York, and my mother was going into labor while we were there. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Alice. Keep in mind this was three years ago. So I was twelve and Robin was five, just like you. One night, while we were sleeping, my mom told me to hurry up and get out of bed and hide with Robin. I was extremely confused until I heard a gunshot from the room that my parents and baby sister were sleeping.
       “GO! Hide with Robin, l love you both very much,” my mom said.
All I can think about that day is the screaming and aching voice of my mom and dad. Me and Robin hid in the attic for what felt like forever. I finally got the courage to look out the attic to see where my mom, dad, and sister where. I saw them, but they weren’t breathing. The floor was covered in blood. I went back to the attic and put and blindfold over Robin’s eyes, called the cops, and Robin and I left the house we were staying at that moment. We were on the streets of New York City for a year and after that year Elizabeth found us and took us in. I honestly don’t even know who I am anymore.
        Dave was shocked hearing Abi and Robin’s story. Even though he was young he knew how much pain she was in. Dave understood why she was so mean to them, she was protecting him in an unconventional way. He smelled peanuts but didn’t think was anything. He knew that no one would bring them in the house. Just in case, he left her room.
       Elizabeth came home and brought the kids presents. While they were at the table Dave started to cough. He went to the kicken to get some water and went back to the table. Abi got new shoes, Robin got a new game for him Xbox, Lilly got a new outfit, Dave got a Game Boy, and Miya got nail polish. Everyone passed their gifts around to see what eachother got.
        “Do you guys like what I got you,” Elizabeth asked
They all said yes except for Dave. Elizabeth looked at him. His face was turning a bright red and was having trouble breathing. They rushed him to the hospital to see what was going on. On the way there. Elizabeth yelled,”Did anyone have any peanuts, and if you did why would you bring them into the house,”
No one spoke up. Everyone was worried. The doctors immediately brought him into the Emergency Room and started working. When they were done they told Elizabeth that his throat had completely closed up, and he would need surgery as soon as possible.
        “Do what you must, I just want him to be healthy,” Elizabeth told the doctors.
Elizabeth questioned the kids one more time. Abigail spoke up and said that she didn’t know the reaction would be so bad.
       The surgery was tough and Dave barely made it. He had to stay in the hospital for an additional three weeks so they could watch him. Abi was in serious trouble. All of the kids Didn’t talk to Abigail for a long time. The blamed her for almost killing Dave. Abi was alone for the first time in a while, even her own flesh and blood turned on her. Abi would never bring peanuts on the house ever again. She was also done with stealing. She thought that if she had never gone out that morning, none of that would have happened. When Dave was finally home, Abi apologized to him.
        “It’s fine, I guess. I’m not dead so you didn’t screw up all the way.” Dave told her.
        Abigail learned her lesson to never bring peanuts in the house.

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