How to Keep Your Sanity During Finals Week--An Uncommon Recipe

January 18, 2018
By NatinDaGreat GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
NatinDaGreat GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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How to Keep Your Sanity During Finals Week

A dollop of your favorite songs
A handful of speakers
A mound of blankets and pillows
Your favorite distraction(s) (Xbox, Playstation or computer recommended)
A lifetime of irrelevant youtube videos

First, take your mound of blankets and pillows and set them up in range of your favorite distraction. Make sure the handful of speakers are nearby, this completes your sea of tranquility. Enter that sea and get your dollop of songs to blast through the speakers. Use the music in conjunction with your distraction for best results. When the distraction and music becomes less stimulating than desirable, switch to the lifetime of irrelevant youtube videos. When the videos become sub par or too weird (ex. How to talk to penguins, any Lele Pons video) revert back to the music and/or distraction(s). Repeat until too tired to proceed. Keep this routine throughout finals week, serve every day from after school to bedtime for best results.

Disclaimer: This recipe is for keeping sanity during finals week, not to be confused with good grades during finals week. Results not guaranteed.

The author's comments:

This is supposed to be a comedic piece about finals week and how to not go insane from all of the stress and work that looms over you. I used a recipe format with uncommon measuring amounts and other comedic (to me, at least) pieces.

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