I am a Hot Tub

January 17, 2018
By Derrk SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Derrk SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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A boy was at school one day, when he was walking in the hall and sees that someone dropped their school supplies. He runs over there to help her pick it up. Once he did that she thanked him for helping her out with her mess. Later that day and he got into an argument with his friends about sports. He got so mad about the conversation about it that he got really mad. Some people were saying that he got heated over the argument and not to bug him. After the argument and he got cooled down, all he wanted to do is chill. So when we got home, he decided to go into his hot tub. His hot tub reminded him of how we was today. Heated, cause of the argument, calm because after he was done with it, he just wanted to cool off, and helpful, because he helped the girl in the hallway. The hot tub was him in a way.

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