How to Get Through a Day of High School

January 17, 2018
By jacklyn10 GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
jacklyn10 GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
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- Pocketful of patience
- Field of friends
- Pile of energy
- Valley of motivation
- Dab of snacks
- Whisper of undivided attention
- Dollop of jokes
1. Whisk together a field of your best friends until all are ready to start the long day of school. Each must include a smile and good attitude.
2. Sprinkle in a pocketful of patience; intended to add an extra spice to help you rise above and finish the day strong.
3. Put in oven on a day where the temperature is an even and a calming 70 degrees. Wait until a valley of motivation steams out of the oven. That is when you know you are halfway there!
4. Once out of the oven, instantly spread the dab on snacks on the top for an extra boost to induce more thoughts, knowledge, time, and energy into all you do.
5. Separately mix together a dollop of jokes and pile of energy. Mix until both flow enough to run throughout the whole day, spreading and attracting to everyone and everything. (Jokes must be used and laughed at least 3 times before use).
6. Finally, serve with a side of undivided attention to wash down all negative and bothersome thoughts and distractions.
*Best kept inside where everyone can see and use.
*Will last until the last bell of the day.  

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Uncommon recipe 

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