How to convince your parents to get a dog

January 17, 2018
By claireee14 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
claireee14 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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A truckful of kindness
A bin of good points
An inch of smiles
A pile of promises
A beaker of wishes
A dash of goodluck
A sprinkle of hugs
1. First sprinkle the truckful of kindness into your bin of good points (make sure your good point are fresh and accurate for the best convincing).
2. Second warm up the inch of smiles for 5 minutes, then pour and mix thoroughly.
3. Next carefully sift your pile of promises into your mixture.
4. Then slowly add in the beaker of wishes while stirring, incorporating greatly.
5. Let mixture sit for 2 hours, so it’s well prepared.
6. When ready sprinkle on the hugs right before presenting mixture to your parents.
7. For the best convincing use daily.

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