Birthday Party

January 17, 2018
By mo.s.wisconsin.13 PLATINUM, Dousman, Wisconsin
mo.s.wisconsin.13 PLATINUM, Dousman, Wisconsin
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Prep Time: Three (3) hours
Cooking Time: Four (4) hours

A bin of cheesy horror movies
An acre of cold weather
A moment of pure bliss

A season of laughter
A dollop of January
A lifetime of memories

1. To start, invite 14 people to your party; including you, there should be 15 people due to the amount of servings this recipe makes and the quick perish time.
2. Next, you will need a dollop of January and an acre of cold weather mixed together in a large mixing bowl at least 3 hours before the party starts.
3. In another large bowl, mix together a season of laughter and a moment of pure bliss.
4. Let sit for at least an hour,
5. Then, adding to the bowl of laughter and pure bliss, add a bin of cheesy horror movies.
6. Let sit for another two hours.
7. Finally, using a third bowl, slowly add the bowls into one another; mixing slowly.
8. Once done, pour mixture in a 9x9 glass pan for four hours.
9. Product is done when it is a pudding like consistency and golden brown on top.

Things to note:
- Makes one birthday party.
- Cooks up 15 servings of lifetime memories
- Do not consume 4 hours after cooking but do enjoy the aftertaste of lifetime memories.

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