Dancing With The Constillations

January 20, 2018
By Anonymous

    In my hometown of Soran, it was always cold and damp, everybody always stayed indoors because it was so hard to farm from in the cold, the men from the village would do all the farming and the women would stay indoors with the babies and children to cook and look after the little tots. There was only one school in the entire village that ranged from a child's preschool to teenagers senior years, kids who wanted to take after their parents would stay in the village and kids who wanted to start new away from the cold and demanding land would go overseas to America or Asia to get their college educations or jobs.

    I was only in 8th grade at the time my brother left, his name was Daniel Natavine and he had just graduated from his senior classes in the school, deciding he was going to go to a place called New York, to learn how to dance he said, DANCE of all things in the world he chose to dance, he told me that day "Zack, I'm leaving to go to New York, I need you to look after things here for me while I'm gone." My parents had always argued at night when they thought I was asleep about the reason why my brother wanted to leave, they weren't alone in criticizing his choices because I was one of the people who criticised my brother based on his interest in dance but when I finally started to do it myself, oh boy. 

    I let myself get immersed in the world of dance when I was alone, I felt like I could do anything! I felt like I could fly! Oh man, I finally understood the sensation my brother had tried to tell me about all those years, with a single step I felt like I was the only person in the world, my passion bursting out of my chest, my love was unlimited, I didn't know how to stop my feet at times, I thought I would just fly off my feet and have them take me wherever they wanted.

    I had spent my last four years on that dreadful piece of land, studying, preparing and dancing. Alone. My parents had passed away my sophomore year of school, but my evil aunt watched over me and I could never be caught I told myself multiple times because if I got caught, it would be the end of my dream to dance with my brother. Oh man, I wasn't ready to give up my dreams, so I prepared, I danced in basements behind a locked door, I danced under bridges that were abandoned, I danced on rooftops in the night, I danced whenever I could, all in secluded places all so I can match my brother.

    When the day finally came for me to leave, I packed my bags and left without a single word to anybody, and I flew to New York. On the plane I had a little boy ask me if I was gay. "I don't think I am" I had replied back to the little boy and he started to giggle and just apologized then offered me some sort of peanut treat and I accepted with a smile, then when we landed, it turned out he was flying without an adult so I helped him find his family when we exited the plane.

    Only my brother was already waiting for me when I stepped out from the doors to go to the luggage claim. The boy found his family at the same time I saw mine and we split ways. I ran straight into my brother's open arms and we shared a long heartfelt embrace since it had been so long since I had last seen him. When we had finally parted from each other's arms I told him everything that had happened since he left and I even told him about my discovery on my love for dance.

    I had never felt so close to my brother when he smiled and told me everything in reverse from what I told him. He even took me to his studio and told me that I could run the studio with him if I wanted, and in my entire life, I never thought that the word Yes would come out of my mouth so quickly.

The author's comments:

I love dance personally, the village that the character Zack Navathine lived in is basically my feelings of being trapped in where I am right now so I wanted to write it out in a short story.

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