January 19, 2018

The chains felt heavy on my rist and the swet on my face pourd down as the wip hit my back agen and agen and agen. It was my punishment for spitting on my master and trust me when I say this he deservrd it. Your probly wonder what I did to be come a prizoner well it's simple realy I was twelve and my mother was sick and my father has died in the war. So it was just me, my mom, and my little brother. She was the onlyone me and my brother have got left we had no other relative's so I stole medison from the supplie carts a few blocks from the place we called home but they caught me and they didn't let my mother have the medicine so she died. They took me as a prizoner and through my brother in to an orphanage. Five years later an I still havent seen my brother. Tha gards decided they were done for the day and left leaving me hanging from my chains for the night. By morning the woons on my back started to scar and my mouth was bone dry from lack of water my stumic had a pain in the pit of it from being starved for a month. My feet were covered in blister and cuts from the lack of protection and my arms were muscular from the labor they made me do but they were also covered in scars and bruses. My nose was crooked from being broken one to many times and my faded brown hair was shaved off and my one deep blue eyes were now a light faded color of gray. My hands were Warren from working and most of my fingernails were Jagged or ripped off completely. On my right hand I was missing my right pinky it had been cut off by a gard who had sed I was looking at him tbe wrong way.
The Sun rose over the horizon casting shadows in front off me on the 50 foot smooth cut limestone walls that protected the capitals most prized possession Oliver Francisco he was very rich, very handsome, and extremely dushy but for some reason ever guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted him. Sooner than I would like my trance was broken by a freezing cold bucket of water being through on me "wake youbpeace of dirt" yelled the gard who had throgh the water on me. They pulled me down my legs felt weak but they forst me to move any way. The walk back to my cell was blurry. When we reached the door the gards pushed me in and I stumbled and fell to tbe grown unconscious. I rose around dark fall by the sound of screams and gunshots I looked throgh the bars of my cell to see men and women alike dead or fighting. The Invaders soldiers seem to have a misson and werent going to leave until they got it. I was about to turn and hide in the coner of my cell but a man approached when he spoke his voice was deep but soft "are you Cooper Brown" I hesitated "" my voice came out as a stamer and afraid. The man unlocked my celler door and very quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me down tge walk to a tunel which we took for a half a mile before we stoped at the entrance of a forest were the man blindfolded me and sed "sorry but it's precautions we have to take" then we were off agen I counted my steps we walked 30 steps the turned right a continue down the path for half a mile before we git on a boat a rowed down the river for 2 miles then stoped and got out and took a right and walked a 1000 steps in to the Forest before coming to a complete stop and the man took the blind fold off.Now I was standing in front if a man who looked a bit familiar " Cooper I told you I would get you out" the man sed giving me a hug which I did not expect but then I realized something " Michael is that you" the man just gave a smile and then a nod. After all these years me and my brother were finaly back together.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my love of books and the movies I wach I came up with the idea in my head when I was just lying in bed thinking.

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