Such a Fortufate

January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

“Why, why did this happen? I didn’t wish for this. Where did I go wrong.”
The great demon lord, Salas, one day suddenly appeared on the edge of the nation, Utopia. Along with thousands of monsters under her command, Salas laid waste on her path to the capital of Utopia. The humans of Utopia didn’t just stand still and watch as their nation were getting destroyed, they valiantly fought back, but the amount of monsters proved to be too much. This is the start of the end, the start of Dystopia, the end of Utopia and the end of a girl named Alas. Let’s go back in time for a bit.
The nation of Utopia, was a nation that live up to the its name. Everyone lived peacefully, happily, safely. However that did not apply to villages located at the edge of the country. In this world, there lurked monsters, an enemy to mankind. They existed everywhere and anywhere, more in some places compared to others, and villages that were at the edges of a nation were more susceptible to monsters attacks. At one such village, there lied a small girl named Alas. Although it was not safe life in the Remus household,  Alas Remus was living a happy life with a her older brother, Atlas,  mother and father. However, all that changed one day. A disaster stuck.
Demi-dragons, one of the stronger monsters in the world. They are said to be dragons that mutated in the mind, having no clear intelligence, they live based on their primitive instinct, eating and destroying. They were a definition of a walking disaster.
“Why is there a demi-dragon here?!” thought Alas as she ran with her family from the fire that devastated the wooden homes. Demi-dragons usually lived in mountains and there were no mountains in the vicinity of Alas’ hometown.
“Listen Atlas, you must take your sister and leave for the next town, and tell them what has happened here. The auntie there should take you in. They will take you and fled to the inner parts of this nation, then tell the leaders that there is a demi-dragon on the loose. They will sent knights and will exterminate that damn dragon.” Atlas's father said.
“But what about you father and mother?”
“We will act as decoy and try and lure the dragon away from you.”
“This is best chance for you and Alas to live! NOW GO! ”
Their father pushed them away and said “I love you.” and their mother hugged them. They then ran off in opposite directions hoping to lure the dragon away from their beloved children.
“Let's go.” Altas pulled Alas’s hand.
“But mother and father…” she muttered.
“LET’S GO! WE SHOULDN’T LET THE CHANCE THEY GAVE US GO TO WASTE!” Altas yelled as tears fell from the his eyes and pulled her sister’s hand harder. And this time, her sister moved while continuing to stared blankly behind her.
After several hours had passed, they finally made it to the next village and told what has happened. It was not a safe journey of course. Not only the humans ran off, all the weaker monsters ran off under the presence of the demi-dragon, causing a mass stampede. And two kids running among the monsters, the result was not pretty. It was shown as the Atlas’ body lying down on the floor. Alas was staring blankly at her now deceased brother.
“Why, why did this happen?  Alas thought to herself.
The head of the village is now notified of the situation and tells everyone to pack their stuff and leave for the capital for protection as well as extermination of the demi-dragon. As the villagers were getting their stuff ready, Alas continued to look at the entrance of the town waiting for her parents to come. But they never arrived.
“Alas dear, it’s time to go. Everyone is ready,” the auntie said.
“I am sure your papa and mama will be fine. They should know that where we are heading. They will meet us in the capital,”
“... No it’s fine. I already know. They are like my brother right? They are not coming back,”
And thus they started traveling to the capital.
After several weeks of traveling, Alas and the other townspeople had finally reach the capital. There, they told the guards about the demi-dragon and ask to be allowed in the capital. The guards then notified the upper echelons and was granted permission.
The happy Alas who liked flowers and smile even at the smallest things is no more. She had completely change or rather, broken from the incident. During the trip to the capital, she decided on one objective. She decided to take back her family back, she decided to regain her warmth and happiness back, by bringing the dead alive. It was a taboo, but for the current Alas, she did not care. She decided with her own hands that she will take back what she had lost.
Alas had decided to stay at capital and study at magic academy in order to found a way to bring her family from the dead. And so, five years has passed. Alas had successfully found the method to take back what was once hers. She traveled to the her hometown, she saw the burnt, broken buildings. Alsa began thinking of the past, how she would sulk when her big brother stole a piece of meat from dinner, the happy times she would get back after this. Thus, she began the ritual…
“Why, why did this happen? I didn’t wish for this. Where did I go wrong. What have I wasted my life for?”
“HAHA! Of course not! My dear.” a mocking voice appeared.
“Do you know why bringing the dead is a taboo? Because you might be bringing back something that is not intentional, something like ME! HAHA!” the voice continued.
“As for where did you go wrong huh? That’s simple, from the very beginning! Do you think that demi-dragon for 5 years ago that appeared at your village was coincidental? Of course not my dear. It was something I planned. A little girl blessed with pure happiness... Blah, I decided that you will be the catalyst for me to enter this world, a catalyst for this great demon lord Satan! HAHAHA!”
“Ah AHHHHHHH!” Alas cried out.
“Yes, that despair, that scream of hopelessness is what I have been waiting for. This is tooo sweet. I could savor this for ages to come! Now that I heard that pleasant scream, it’s time for me to take body and fully manifest myself on this realm!”
“No!” “Yes!”
“Have I wasted my life?” “I told you so, of course not, you help me manifest myself!”
“Someone, someone save m-” “HAHA, there is no saving you, my cute Alas!”
And so, it was then, the appearance of the demon lord Salas, the beginning of the end, the beginning of Dystopia, and the unfortunate end of a girl whose name was stolen, Alas.

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