Make A Wish

January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

CRACK. SNAP. CRUNCH. I’ve been running for what feels like hours. I’d lost my heels a while back and I can feel the cuts on the bottom of my feet stinging like hell. I’m running out of breathe and my lungs feel like they’re burning. I can hear the creature gaining on me. My heart is beating out of my chest. My anxiety raises the longer I keep running. There are a million thoughts going through my head. Is this the end? Suddenly, I’m face down on the ground. I look back to the giant tree branch that had tripped me. I quickly get back on my feet and continue running. I know I’m done for now. The damn branch has ruined my chances of escaping. I ignore all common sense and decide to look behind me. There just a few feet behind me is the creature of nightmares. This is where I know my life is over.
Today was like every other day of my boring life. I had just left the coffee shop and was now heading to class. I don’t know why I thought double majoring in psychology and English lit was a good idea. Not to mention my minor in French. French 101 with Madame Moreau was absolute hell. She was one of the hardest teachers and would not accept anything less than perfection. I took my seat in the middle of the room next to one of my best friends, Logan.
“Bonjour, Natalie.”
“Bonjour, Logan,” I replied. Madame had a French only rule in class and would lose it if she heard any English.
“Comment est la vie?” asked Logan
“Merde,” I replied in a monotone voice. Logan just laughed, followed by Madame yelling at everyone to be quiet. Here we go.
“That women has to be the worst teacher I’ve ever had,” exclaimed Logan once we were at a safe enough distance from the building.
“Tell me about it,” I reply. “She’s worse than Mr. Smith from middle school and he used to spit every time he spoke.”
“Ugh, don’t remind me of him,” Logan groaned. “I swear he had a personal vendetta against me, I could never get above a 65 in his class.”
I snorted in response. That was our only class for the day so now the only thing we had to worry about was what to eat for lunch.
“So what are you feeling today, Chinese or pizza?” I asked.
“Ugh how about sushi?” Logan responded.
I turned to him and glared. “You know what hap…”
“Yeah, yeah you had sushi that one time and got food poisoning so bad you were in the hospital for a few days. We know you never shut up about it.” Logan all about shouted.
I mumble a few curse words under my breath. “Whatever so what are we getting to eat, I’m about to die of hunger.”
“Calm down drama queen, we’ll decide when we meet with everyone else.” Logan said.
“Ugh, I’m so full I might burst.”
“That’s your fault, you decided to eat 7 slices of pizza.” I say to Maddie, my girlfriend of two years. Everyone is quiet for a few minutes, all you could hear was the sound of the movie in the background. I decide to speak again, “Do you guys ever feel like you aren’t living the best life.”
Everyone turns to look at me. “What,” questions Elijah, my friend from my Shakespeare class.
“I don’t know,” I respond. “I just feel like my life is so boring, so ordinary. Like, I always planned on my life being full of adventure, to travel the world with no care. But, now my life is living off frozen pizza and writing five papers a week on topics that don’t matter. It just feels like I’m stuck in a rut and I’m never getting out. I just wish I had a different life, hell a new life.”
“Damn,” replies Jay. The room is silent for a while, just thinking about what I had just said. By the looks on everyone’s faces you could see that they at least somewhat agree with me.
“Well then, let’s do something fun,” exclaims Logan, sitting up in his seat. “Let’s do something that isn’t a research paper or a lecture on biochemistry. How about a party? There’s a new club that opened up last week downtown.” We all looked at each other with excitement. Looks like we now have plans for Friday night.
It was finally Friday night and it was time to party. We all got ready and met and mine and Maddie’s apartment.
“Okay people, do we have everything; phones, money, chargers?” asked Elijah
“Yes dad,” we all reply at once. Elijah just huffs and rolls his eyes.
“Come one guys let’s go!” shouts Jay. We all cheer and follow Maddie out the door. Finally, something exciting.
Once we got outside we all got into out uber and waited the 10 minutes it took to get to the new club. Once we arrive there’s a huge line of people waiting outside.
“Damn, it’s going to take us forever to get in.” I say while pouting.
“Not necessarily,” replied Logan with a smirk on his face. We all look at each other with confusion. Logan proceeds to walk up to the front of the line. Once we see Logan walking we all quickly move to follow him. Once we reach him we see Logan talking to the bouncer.
“Come on guys, time to party!” exclaims Logan
The guard moves aside and we all move inside the club. We all begin to bombard Logan with questions.
“Shush, shush people I have my ways. Now come on I wanna forget the fact that I have a 10 paper paper due Monday that I haven’t started.”
We all cheer and make our way further into the club and claim a spot at the bar.
“First round’s on me,” I shout to the rest of the group.
We end up spending the next two hours drinking and dancing. It’s clear that tonight is the most fun any of us had had in awhile. I’m currently dancing with Maddie. We’re both sweaty and exhausted but don’t want the night to end.
“Hey, I’m gonna step out for some air,” I tell Maddie
“Okay I’ll be here.”
I walk towards the exit and leave the building. The cool air feels so good against my skin. I move to lean against the wall, the many drinks I had have taken a toll on me. 
I turn to look to see who called my name, but see no one. It must have just been the wind. I close my eyes and lean back against the wall.
“Who’s there?” I ask into the darkness.
“Who is it?” I ask as I move toward the direction where I heard the voice coming from.
“Natalie.” I’ve been following the voice for awhile now. I’m stumbling down the path and brace myself against the tree. Huh. I must have walked to the park. Normally, I wouldn’t have even left the club, but my intoxicated self isn’t that smart. I walk further into the woods. At this point, I’m not entirely sure where I am, all I see are trees. CRACK. I quickly spin around to see what made the sound. The world is blurring around me. I’m starting to regret all the drinks I had tonight. In the opposite direction I hear a growl. By now I’m terrified and start running.
I keep running even though I know I’m done for. The creature is so close behind me it’s like I can feel their breath on my neck. Suddenly, it pounces. I’m forced down onto the ground and I feel its nails, no claws, pierce my skin. I’m in agonizing pain. My mouth is wide open but I don’t know if I’m even screaming. The creature has no mercy. I feel pieces of skin being ripped clean from my body, there’s blood everywhere. I can feel tears stream down my face, I didn’t even realise I started crying. I think of my friends. I’m so deep in the woods it’ll take them forever to find me. I can feel myself slipping away, my visions going fuzzy. This isn’t how I wanted today to end. Oh well, I guess they really mean it when they say be careful of what you wish for.

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