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January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

Michael wakes up in the morning knowing today is it, they have a chance to close out the finals, it is game 6 in the finals. It is his Chicago Bulls verses the Utah Jazz. For the Jazz this is a must win game while on the other hand Michael and the Bulls both look to get their six championship. People are saying if Michael wins this game today he will be the greatest player to ever step foot on a basketball court. Michael woke up and called Scottie on the phone right away, Scottie is Michaels teammate and friend, Michael asked Scottie If he is ready for tonight.

Scottie replied, "You know I am, but the real question is are you ready?"

Michael said, "Yes, this is the most important game of my career, I need to be locked in." 

Scottie asked Michael, "Hey Mike, do you want to get up some extra shots?"

Michael then said, "yeah I would like that."

Scottie said, "Ok meet me at the arena in 15."

Hours go by while Michael and Scottie shoot around and it's almost game time, they both leave the arena. They come back in a few hours and get ready, the team gets off the bus and heads for the locker room, they throw their jerseys and shoes on and head out for shoot around.

It's game time and they announce the starting lineup, they say number 23 from the University of North Carolina Michael, the crowd went crazy when they said his name. The bulls won the jump and pushed the ball down the court and scored an easy dunk.

Michael said to Dennis, "Nice job in the post, he can not guard you."

Dennis responded, "Thanks Mike."

Dennis is also one of Michael friends and teammate and he is the best rebounder in the league. The bulls got out to an early lead up thirteen to two, Michael and Scottie have combined for eleven of those thirteen points. Michael with seven and Scottie with four. The Jazz made a little comeback as John and Karl lead them. At the end of the first quarter the bulls have a small lead of 6, twenty-eight to twenty-two. Michael leads the game in scoring with 15 points. As the quarter ends Michael and Scottie give their team some advice saying, "Do not give up, do not let them fight their way back in." 

The Jazz start the second quarter with a huge start they had a ten to nothing run, they have the lead by four and Coach Jackson calls a timeout to let his players regroup and get a rest. Coach Jackson said during the timeout, "Play our basketball, not their basketball." Michael came out of the timeout by making two three pointers and giving them the lead back and he silenced the crowd. Michael hears the M-V-P chants as the fans scream.

Michael's team said, "Nice shots Mike."

The game has had seven lead changes and six ties, it has been one of the craziest games that has ever been played, there are only a few seconds left in the second quarter as Michael was not able to get the shot to fall and the quarter ends and the bulls go into halftime with a small lead of three, they are up sixty-two to fifty-nine, Michael has twenty-six of the sixty-two points. The team heads for the locker room.

Michael sits down and says, "That was a great half guys, but we will and must be better in the next half because they will not let up, we all know that."

Coach Jackson also adds some advice by saying, "We need to talk more on the defensive end of the floor and get better shots down on offense."

They hear the buzzer go off, they know it is time, twenty-four more minutes to play and they will be champs. Michael and Scottie both are off to a hot start as they combine for ten points in the first three minutes.

Michael says to Scottie, "Nice job out there, now don't let up."

Michael subs out of the game and the jazz come right back by scoring nine unanswered points and there goes Michael again, back to sub in the game, he was exhausted, but he knew none of that mattered, it is final game of basketball and he knew he must leave it all out on that court. 

A few seconds left in the third quarter and the jazz hit a buzzer beater making the score seventy-six to seventy-six. Twelve minutes left. Start of the last quarter and the jazz and bulls go back and forth, scoring basket after basket, trying to match each others score. That took about eleven minutes off the clock and four to go, score tied at eighty-two a piece. The bulls come down the court and hit a three, nothing but net. Twenty-six seconds left, John comes running down the court and answers back with a three of their own. The bulls will get the last shot, score is eighty-five a piece. There is 10 left, 9, 8, 7, Michael makes his move, he crosses over and makes the defender fall right at the foul line and Michael drills the shot. 

Coach Jackson comes over to Michael and gives him a hug and says, "Congratulation Mike, you have done it."

Mike asks, "What have I done?"

Coach Jackson says, "You are now the greatest player to ever step foot on a basketball court and it has been an honor coaching you."

Mike responds by saying, "None of this would be possible without you, so I thank you for taking on this task and coaching me for the past years."

Michael and coach go on to celebrate the win with their families and the rest of the team. People to this day say no one will ever come close to being as good as Michael was and say that it is going to be pretty hard to pass him.

The author's comments:

This piece is about a very good basketball player and he is playing in his final basketball.

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