A Changed Man

January 12, 2018
By John Sabalauskas BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John Sabalauskas BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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He walks through the rainy, dark streets, and down the same old route he does every night. He watches cars splash through puddles as they pass by and he sees people walking with their umbrellas as he is. Everything was going good until...Boom! He could feel it coming, a feeling that started to become all too familiar to him. He began to sweat despite the cold and wet temperatures; as he moved through what now became a place of fear for him, he began to move faster. The faster and more sporadically he moved, the more and more lost he started to get.

The sound forced his fear and paranoia to put him in full defense mode. He turned into a dark alley and began to mumble to himself. Holding his umbrella tightly to his chest with 2 hands, he began to run and sit behind a dumpster. As he sits behind the dumpster he stares blankly at the entrance to the alley he just came through. He notices a man coming through, asking if he is okay, but holding his waist as if he is armed. He becomes more scared because he feels like he’s about to be attacked. He jumps up from his crouched position and proceeds to beat the man with his umbrella. The man laid there and pleaded for him to stop. He stopped and stared at the man as he felt himself coming back to his senses. He began to realize that he was in his neighborhood and not where his mind had placed him.

More fear ran through him now that he was himself again and he realized what he has done. He called in an anonymous 911 call and began to run home. Once he reached home he just sat there in his run down apartment and reconsidered his life. He remembers back to before everything happened when he was a aspiring college student with a brain of gold. But he can’t reminisce for long because he knows there will be consequences. Before his door is busted into, he has a final thought of the event that turned his brain of gold into an amusement park of craziness like his father and grandfather. Five armed policemen enter his front room and he feels the change again, this time it’s quicker and worse.

He runs into his bedroom and locks the ragged and shaky door behind him. He goes into a box under his bed and pulls out an old pistol and loads it up. He lets out a war-like yell and begins firing as the door is kicked in, but the police were expecting it and threw a stun grenade into the room which knocks him off his feet. The policemen run into the room and grab him up before he can fire anymore shots. As he is dragged out of his house, his mind no longer has any of its old self inside and it’s more like the mind of a rabid dog. As this now changed man sat in his holding cell he heard the radio announcement of his story. “Police officer James Docklin was beaten unconscious in an alley after attempting to help a man who seemed a little off. Officers entered a shootout with the man at his home and he was obtained with no casualties. The man is now in holding by police and is said to be highly dangerous and not in his right mind. Officers responding to the scene claim the man’s house was scattered throughout with old weapons. We’re attempting to obtain more information about the crazy event that took place so stay tuned. In other news though, a loud bang scared many in city tonight but it was just a piece of metal being dropped from a crane, so no worries there.”

The author's comments:
This story was for a school project, but when I began writing I just took off and was very interested and excited to continue the story. The story is a microfcition piece meaning that it is meant to be open to multiple interpretations and to not let the reader understand all the details.

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