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To live or love

January 11, 2018
By Anonymous

Her heart was beating out of her chest. She tried to keep her self calm but she didn’t feel safe from her own creation. “Why, what are you saying right now?” she questioned. He reached for her hand and she suddenly pulled back fighting all the tension, which told her to let him have it.

         “Hand it here or you will never stop hearing from me” he said as his arms extended towards her hand which were held tightly against her chest. He reached further and further, making her wobble backwards and fall. He didn’t stop, “look you can’t have this from me it’s one of a kind.”“ It’s something that you and I both know we can’t satisfy. Let it go” she said. But he didn’t listen and kept reaching further until he engulfed the thing which she held so tightly within her palms.

She felt herself let go first after telling him to let go not once but twice. “Is this what you wanted?” she yelled as he sat there with the thing in hand. Now he was the one screaming murder, he couldn’t contain himself at last. But for a moment he got quite “Now that I got this, I will never leave your side.” he said moving towards her spot. She didn’t move an inch, and nether did he.  Feeling satisfied she looked outside and noticed the night. She had spend so much time arguing with him she forgot the time.“You know, you are just as beautiful as the dark” she whispered trying to keep in her sly smile.
“Well I’m satisfied to hear that, but whatever you were trying to hide, don’t ever do that.” he responded and that was a loud and lucid sound. It was so vociferous that it kept her previous and future thoughts all on lock. She was tongue tied but she never did mind. From that time forward, he was there when she had to meet people, he was there when she had to spend family time. When all her family members left, he stood there by her side. All the things she wanted became his peel away plan. But he was always there even when they didn’t want to talk. She now loved him so much that, they would sit in the pitch black house just staring into each other's mind. 
    All was quiet until the day, she found out, she failed a class. All her classmates could say was “Oh, don’t worry there is always a next time.” She was always diffident to look at them in the eyes. But she didn’t have to because he always told her to look down. The day she failed the test, they both tried to enter through the door at the same time. But he pushed her back “ I’m sorry, but couldn’t you see that this door was made for one person to enter at a time”! He yelled while pulling her into the house and slamming the door shut. She got startled but didn’t have the energy to react.
         “Look we both know that you don’t have enough money to retake that class", “how worthless could a human like you be? It’s the easiest class on the whole darn campus yet you still failed!” His words which used to be dripping of comfort now came down like lashes. With every sentence his words created an open wound. A battle scar to remind people that she was not okay, but no one ever noticed. For once she tried to scream back, “what do you want me to do? I’m so indulged in you to focus in class!” she yelled back.
        “These are all just excuses, and for once I’m going to take charge! No more talking to people in class, the hallways, or even in your own house.” he whispered in a serious tone.
“But I have a family, who will they reach?” she questioned.
        “They don’t need to be bothered with a person like you, so stop.” he voiced. She could not believe it. He had taken over her life. It's almost like both had become one. So, she came up with a plan, to make him pay back, she decided to write a letter to explain why. She started, Dear mom and all my loved ones, I am sorry for what I'm about to do, but in the end I can’t stand to look at his face…

The author's comments:

This is a microfiction story, which was inspired by the importance of mental health. Many details are left ambiguous as mental health is still considered a taboo subject among many cultures.

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