The Patient

January 11, 2018
By Popcornbirdie GOLD, Elm Grove, Wisconsin
Popcornbirdie GOLD, Elm Grove, Wisconsin
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Part One- The Delirious Part
Segment 1:The patient
I am crying. I was dying. I will be flying. So now i’m sleeping. And in my dreams I see the maiden of bluest silk and brightest eyes. I watch her watch me tell her lies. I watch her watch me slowly die. I hate the maiden trapped in my dreams. Waiting, waiting, for my life to leave.
Segment 2: The doctor’s daughter
I watch the young man battle for life. Day in, day out, I record his fight.As he spouts his nonsense and cries. I'm the one who has to look in his eyes. Cloudy and gold all at once. He haunts me even after i'm done. Walking down the hallways of death and despair, I run my hands through my ash-blonde hair. I think of the fear that hunts them all. Hoping that this torture does not infect them. Not caring about the death of some lonely man. But I guess it’s easy, for them. Not to have to look in his eyes. Not to have to hear him as he cries. No to have to listen to him as he speaks the names. Of all his loved one who forgot his name. I guess it’s easy to want to hide. To fear the pain that lies by his side. But I have to see it. I have to watch him. And it’s not easy for me to watch my old friend die.
Segment 3: The patient's brothers
We visit, occasionally. Bearing suits and pockets full of money. Us two. We pay the doctors but never do we step through to Drew. Drew. The oldest of us. One I barely remember enough…
To care.
Edward barely speaks. Except to say one word. Every day of the week. To him everything in
Segment 4: Doctor’s Daughter
Patient has fallen into deep fever. He thrashes around in pain. And I hate watching him yell and scream. One day. I hope he just goes. So I can just float...Away. From all I’ve seen. I walk into his room and he sees through me. “Why have you come for me?” He asks, eyes glassy as the sea. “Just take me already.” It’s like I’m balancing on something unsteady. “Take me!” he cries, but I can’t. I can’t kill a man with such glassy, glassy eyes.
Segment 5: The Patient
The maiden came to haunt me. And I just SEE, SEE, SEE. Her glassy, glassy eyes like me. She lies to me and tells me I'll be alright. But, you see, she doesn't SEE how SHE is the one slowly killing me. I hate the maiden that visits me. In bluest silk and brightest eyes. Waiting waiting for me to die. This thing is taking me away. And all I can think is she. Edward. Edward, Edward, Edward… Selene.
Segment 6: The Doctor’s Daughter
It came on a rainy day. This disease. From the devil himself. Causing visions and voices, high blood pressure and boiling brains. The estimated pain amount is immeasurable to this day. It affected one. Then two. Now three. All are free except one who remains in the state of he. He can't pull out. He’s stuck, stuck, stuck on this earth. All others long died. Now he’s the only harbor of that scary thing that breathed its life through this town.  He talks of a maiden who holds him down. I hate that maiden as much as he does. Please, please, little maiden, just let this man die.
They want me to kill him. Kill him and end.. The reign of this disease.
But I can’t, can’t kill a man with such glassy, glassy eyes.
Part Two- The Real  Part
Segment 1- The patient who is now a thing of else
I awake and she is there, so I must be asleep. She talks to me. “I have you,”
I respond with a vague, “I know.”
She looks at me and says “Drew, you fight for all.”
I say again, “I know.”
“If you fail, I will-”
“Kill” I finish
I was wrong.
Here is my fate. In front of me in blue silk and brightest eyes.
“Why me?”
“You are good”
“I am good”
“You have demons already, don’t you?”
“I do”
“So then, my Drew, YOU WILL LOSE.”
Segment Two- The daughter who is now a maiden with bluest eyes
It’s worsened. Drew spends all day fading.. Farther and farther from this earth. Half with demons and a maiden named Selene. 
Segment three: The patient who now is a thing of else
I cling to life in the grey grey room, each day I lose more. I once saw a girl with ash blonde hair. Now all I see is her. In blue silk and brightest eyes. Everywhere. When I’m in the grey room, my mind longs to be back in the other. Even though it possesses Selene, the one who tears me from piece to piece.

The author's comments:

A neat prose piece I wrote on continously for a few days

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