The Arrest

January 11, 2018
By Anonymous

    The breeze of the summer night swept across the man's face. As the smell of barbeque and the sound of summer music danced in the streets a mysterious sound took over the man. The sound of the footsteps sounded too familiar. As the sound of the footsteps followed the man through the busy streets the pace of the man’s walking started ascending. Towards the end of the street, an inviting alley with dim lighting and trash cans caught the man’s attention. As the man turned towards the alley the footsteps came to a sudden stop. “Great!” the man said. He turned around to see the dark face, light blue uniform, and black cap in the dim lighting. “I have been expecting you,” the man said.
    The dark face in the dim lighting came closer and the face of an old freckled man started to appear, “Me too. Me too.” the freckled man replied. The two men stood face towards one another with silence as the music of the streets flowed through the air. “So what brings you hear officer anything new or important?” the man asked with curiosity.
   “Oh, nothing much just another crime investigation and I thought you might be able to help me,” the freckled man asked. The man closed his jacket tightly to remove the shiny metal from the freckled man’s view. The freckled man checked his pocket with alertness to make sure the secret plan did not leak out.
   “I don't think I can help you officer but I can show you the right path,” the man said.
   “That would be more helpful than you know it” the freckled man replied with excitement.The two men started walking towards the street again as the same summer symphony shined in the starry skies. “So this investigation requires me to find a destination. Do you happen to know where the crystal diamond store might be?” the freckled man asked with hope.
   “Oh yes I do but I am sure its closed right now officer” the man answered.
    The freckled man stood silent for a while and this time opened his mouth with reassurance, “Oh it's fine I am sure that the culprit is there even if the store is closed”. The man stood for a while excited to know his suspicion was right.
   “Beats me. I will take you there and let's see if you find anything” the man casually replied. The two men walked towards the dusty road and took a turn towards a busy bridge. While walking on the bridge the freckled man could not help but notice the majestic figure of the man. “You seem too brawn and confident to be a regular citizen, what do you do?” the freckled man asked.
   The man closed his jacket tighter, “You will find out soon officer but for now let's focus on your mission” the man sternly replied. The whole walk to the store the freckled man took quick glances at the strange and not so ordinary man. “Hmm. So how is it like being an officer. Do you mind me asking where you work”? The man suddenly asked.
   Strangely the freckled man replied, “Um okay I guess” leaving parts of the man’s question ambiguous. The two men arrived in front of the store with clear windows. The man stood behind the freckled man. The man asked, “Is this your place officer”?
   The freckled man looked to the window with wide eyes, “Yes perfect”! Then suddenly the freckled man's eye came to a sudden turn once his hand was tied towards his back. The freckled man could hear the sound of handcuffs clicking. The freckled man struggling with his arms screamed, “Great this day could not get any better”! The two men fought hand in hand for a while. “Stop it! You thought I was that stupid!” the man said.
   “How did you know?” the freckled man asked.
   “That will be explained later, for now, your under arrest” the man replied. The freckled man was suddenly kicked painfully on his toes and let out a scream, “I am gonna kill you”!
   “As if you could looser” the man replied. As the blue-red lighting of the car blinded the freckled man he found himself being pulled. The man pushed the freckled man into the car and started talking to the officer.

The author's comments:

This piece is a microfiction. The story has many information that are left unknown or ambigious to the readers. These parts of the story that are not known are suppose to be open to the interpretation of the reader.

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