the renegade

January 11, 2018
By sikau22 BRONZE, Monticello , Illinois
sikau22 BRONZE, Monticello , Illinois
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8/4/2037 8:05 AM
Morning time for the assassins. Connor! An officer was yelling his name. Connor! Wake up! Time to go! Connor felt an uneasy feeling as he climbed out of bed. He woke up and prepared himself for the big task he had today. Assassinate the Chancellor This task, was the only thing that motivated him for the day. As he entered the main building, he wondered whether this assignment would be as easy as most of his other assassinations he had completed.
8/4/37  10:05 AM
15 minutes from drop zone. Connor studied his weapon. A Ravin-462 Crossbow. A sleek, and quiet weapon. He thought. He was a quiet, observing assassin. Not one to talk. Like his weapon.
8/4/37 10:20 AM 
The jet that connor was inside of was approaching the drop zone. He already had his suit on. He was like a jaguar, ready to pounce. He strapped his flight suit on, and dropped. His distometer told him his exact height from the ground . 7000 feet…… 6000 feet…… 5000 feet…… 4000 feet…… 3000 feet…… 2000 feet…… 1000 feet…… 500 feet… 250 feet… 100 feet… landing.
10:25 AM
Time for go. Connor stood up in the middle of the dense jungle and studied his surroundings. As he turned around furtively, connor heard footsteps and escaped with deft movements into a nearby tree thick with vines. He heard a bird squawk. EEEEE! Wow, he thought. That’s loud.
He walked along a thick brush path. Suddenly he heard  a noise and quickly stepped back as a bear trap narrowly missed his entire foot. If that trap would’ve caught his foot, his scream would be heard from 10 miles away.  He turned a corner and saw two guards. Easy picking, as he threw his body at them and managed to take them both out with one hit. He had to kill them, otherwise they would be back for him when he tried to escape. After he poisoned the guards, Connor continued walking and found a temple. It was exotic, with marble pillars, and silver doors. A giant metal Door knob the size of a car tire sat in the middle of the silver doors. Instead of entering through the door, he walked to a tree, climbed up and leaped onto the roof and went through the main air ducts until he found a peculiar looking room. The room he was told the
Chancellor would be in. he quietly slipped in, unnoticed. He grabbed the guards who were defending the chancellor’s room and threw them out the window. They died. He then kicked down the door to the chancellor’s room and swung a knife the length of a ruler towards the Chancellor, but found this to be ineffective as the knife was punched out of his hand and clattered to the ground. The chancellor got two good punches on Connor, but he was no match for the trained assassin. Connor managed to have the chancellor in a choke hold in less than 15 seconds and the knife was next. Connor also managed to keep him on the ground while scooting over towards the knife. He grabbed the knife and swung. Blood flew. He died.
Connor had completed his mission. He beamed.

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