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The Traveler's Dilemma by Joseph F.

January 11, 2018
By JoeF123 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
JoeF123 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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He sat at the train stop waiting for it to arrive. It was late at night and he fought to keep his eyes from taking him to the land of dreams. He realized it was too late once his eyes awoke to the rays of the sun beating down on him. He looked around and realized all of the people from last night were gone, meaning that the train had already left. He talked to the man at the trainstation and asked when the next train was coming. The old man laughed and said “Not for a couple of days you’re better off just walking” The man replied back with “Oh that’s just great thank you.” He walked away and ignored the old man as he continued to ramble on about a bunch of nonsense. The man decided to go into the nearby town.
While in town he met a man who was stuck in the same boat as him. The other man made an offer with him that he would buy him a horse if he would travel him. He did not want to travel with the other group of travelers because they were rowdy and he didn’t quite get along with them. The man bought two horses for their travel. They stocked up on supplies and decided to wait two days before traveling.
On the third day they finally started their long journey. They thought it would be much safer to just travel along the tracks as they would eventually reach another trainstation following the tracks. The men remained silent as they rode for hours. They used the tracks as a guide. They rode for what seemed like eternities but it was only a couple of hours.
After a while they grew tired and restless. They made a fire and talked. The one man became skeptic and thought they had wasted time and the train probably arrived at the stop but the other tried to calm him down. It was to no avail the other man packed his things and turned around. He was already on his way back to the tracks. The other man chased him and tackled him off his horse and landed on the tracks. He tried to calm him by saying. “Calm down it’s not like we’re going to die here or anything. We have guns to protect ourselves. We have enough food to last for a few more days and if it comes down to it we can just hunt for food.” He reassured him they were safe . But the other man said he had a vision of death. The man stared at him blankly. Suddenly there was light. The two men didn’t notice it but even if they did it would be too late. This was the end of their travels.

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