January 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Harry and Larry sat on the couch together, eating chips and watching the football game on the tv. The brothers, were always together, they were inseparable. On dates, the other brother would go on the date as well.  When the game was over, the bodies were noticeably connected skin to skin when they stood up.
Weeds were growing around the area, and the grave was developing moss on the edges of it but the name was evident on the stone. “I miss you.” the girl said to the grave while tears streamed down her face, then wind hit her face like it was a hug from her dad. The End.
Winter was coming as the air was as cold as the water you swallow while chewing mint gum. The leaves were gone, and there was dogs with coats on. The weatherman predicted an inch of snow and lots of cold wind. Parents muttered curse words under their breath and kids blew up with excitement.
His eyes met hers across the bar and he switched his order of one drink, quickly changed to two. Familiarity rushed through their veins and they realized they were old high school classmates, he was popular and she wasn't, but they played flirty games back then. Now they were connected to many conversations and love.
The steps drew closer to the door, quietly but noticeably louder towards the door. The feeling of an intruder in your house made your skin crawl and get goosebumps. Bordering the door with heavy object wasn’t helping you feel any more secure. The door knob turned, then the objects rattled against the door.

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