Sibling Rivalry

January 7, 2018
By lil_miss_general BRONZE, Orange, California
lil_miss_general BRONZE, Orange, California
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Sibling rivalries are always hard. Even more so when your mom is Mother Nature herself.


Mother Nature had always known that this day would come. The day when her magical abilities would be put to the test. To have fraternal twins was never easy, but to have twins that were completely and totally opposites was something especially trying.


Typhus had always been a bit of a wild child. Her unruly blonde hair showed her creative side while it blew through the sea breeze. She was known for creating the waves. Beautiful, but they had a habit of causing a bit too much mischief.


Of course, the world always knew when Typhus was in a bad mood. A new hot spring would suddenly be discovered, or a particularly harsh rainstorm would take away some poor family’s trash cans.


Then there was her brother, Kindle, a slightly more reserved child. He was the younger, by just a few moments. He had his bad moments too, everyone does. The crop circles farmers would find? Not aliens, but a particularly moody Kindle burning through some fields.


Kindle was always the hyper child. Always trying to create some new form of fire.


“But Mom!” he had said one afternoon after a sleet storm. “Typhus gets all of these different states, and all I get is lava, fire and lightning. Nothing else! It’s just not fair!”

“Of course I get all the attention, dear little brother. The humans like me more! I am their life force. I run through their bodies and I am in their air. I keep them sanitary, and I give them fun. All you do is burn and destroy!”


Typhus didn’t know it, but she had just doomed her brother to a lifetime of hate and scorn from the humans. Even so, Kindle kept doing his duties. He kept lightning in the sky for pleasure. He kept the sun in the sky for warmth and light. He kept lava in the volcanoes for caution. He followed his mother’s wishes and started forest fires. He burned houses down and watched new and better things surface from the ashes.


For Typhus’ part, she continued having fun with the humans. She loved to use the current to pull loved ones away and found it amusing to watch as the life-savers scrambled to rescue one little soul. She continued to let her bad moods spoil the days of humans.


“You know, Typhus,” her brother had said after a particularly horrid hurricane. “I think I know why more humans are afraid of water than fire. I don’t hurt anything unnecessarily, unlike you. Everything I do is for the good of their race. You just enjoy seeing the poor souls be tortured.”


Kindle didn’t know it, but he had started his sister down the road of self-hate. Even so, she kept doing the things her Mother asked of her. Cause a little tsunami here, activate a hot spring there. Change a current to run this way for the sea creatures, or start a rain-storm in a drought-ridden area. Typhus kept water in the air that humans would breath, and gave them entertainment.


Neither brother nor sister knew the damage they had caused to each other.


Mother Nature was worried. Her days were coming to an end, and someone needed to make sure that the humans didn’t end with her. The only people she could count on, were her two children, as destructive as they were to each other.


Kindle was tired. Tired of all the hate he got from the humans. Tired of the humans trying to put out his fires. All he was trying to do was help them. He knew how spectacular a turn would be taken if they would just let him clear the surface, if they would just let him be himself.


Typhus was depressed. No matter how much she tried, she never got any credit. Fields were healthy, oil spills had been rectified, and still the humans praised themselves. They couldn’t see how much manipulation it had taken to solve the issues humans had caused.


The two siblings met one day. Neither of them wanted to be there. Neither of them wanted to continue in the jobs they had been assigned to do. Each blamed the other for their distress.


Typhus gets all the attention. They don’t even notice all of the destruction she causes.


Kindle gets to help so much. He succeeds in whatever task he undertakes.


Neither knew that their mother was dying. That when she was gone they would have to run the world on their own. It was hard to imagine, the two opposites working together to keep the ones who had caused them so much pain, alive.


Their mother believed in them though. She knew that opposites often attract, and that her children would keep the world in shape. Mother Nature knew it was time to go, and to leave the world behind as her children’s inheritance.


All over the world reports of tsunamis and forest fires rang in. No one knew quite what had happened, only that it was nothing short of a tragedy.


Typhus and Kindle knew that they were all they had left.


Whatever was going on in between them would have to be solved, not only for the world’s sake, but also for the sake of the siblings themselves.


They had to learn to accept each other's flaws, each other's way of providing for the humans. They had to learn how to work together to perform the tasks necessary for the world.


Typhus needed to learn to accept that destruction was a part of Kindle’s job. Kindle needed to learn that sometimes hurting people makes them stronger.

The siblings needed to undesrtand eachother.


They needed to learn to love their opposite.

The author's comments:

Words hurt. People don't seem to understand that something you say can make someones day, or break their heart. I hope that people realize how much of an impact they can do with their words, and learn to use them wisely.

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