Cold to the Core

January 10, 2018
By valhal BRONZE, Muskego, Wisconsin
valhal BRONZE, Muskego, Wisconsin
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There was a bone chilling bite in the atmosphere. Bare, lifeless trees swayed back and fourth with the wind. Not a single sign of life was here other than myself, but I liked it that way. The ambiance vanished with the sun, the birds, the leaves on the trees, and all the color that once was. But, A large eerie black hole of a lake remained. I wonder just how deep the lake is or if it even reaches the floor. I fantasize about the neverending depth of the lake and how I could release anything into it. My problems never to be seen again, falling under the water. The dark mystery of the lake brought me comfort as if it was my friend. As if it would do anything for me. So, I rose, thinking about my sweet releif soon to come. With all of the strength I could muster, I push my problems into the lake watching them sink further and further into oblivion until they are nothing. All of those people. Sinking. Turning to nothing as I erase their existence. It brings me joy. I would visit that very lake many times for that very reason. 

The author's comments:

I enjoy this piece because it takes a very eerie and unexpected turn at the end reveling that the narrator is actually a serial killer and the setting is where he lays his victims for their infintie sleep. 

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