January 10, 2018
By Brishe BRONZE, ..., New Hampshire
Brishe BRONZE, ..., New Hampshire
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Every person looks different but not her. This person this person looks the same, ordinary.The way she walks, the way she acts and dresses, it  looks like she is right out of a movie. A character that is simple but complex at the same time. Class president and
captain of the cheerleading team. She is loved by everyone in the school, everyone wants to be her friend. Perfect or at least that's the way you see her.  People seem to think that they know how she  feels because they are her friends or family members. But no one really knows what is happening to her and how she makes
herself feel on the inside. No one asks if she is okay because she seems happy and has a smile on her face. When really she is crying out for help, for someone to notice that she is not okay, not happy, not perfect. She is not bullied but is bullied by herself. Noticing all the flaws instead of focusing on her love and her beauty. Nobody is just ordinary. Even if they look perfect on the outside doesn't mean
they are perfect on the inside. They could be falling apart and crying out for help, but no one sees. If you are a friend or a family members you should be asking if she is okay or if something is wrong. Does she need help? Instead of just seeing her perfection and beauty. Just like the famous quote says “never judge a book by its cover.”

Walking through the hallways of school, she gets stopped and asked if she way okay. Not knowing how to answer, she says ‘’No I'm not okay”.  For once she feels free telling this person everything that bothered her and everything she felt about herself. This feeling didn't last very long. The next day she was being laughed at walking through the halls of her school. Running to the bathroom she is confused. Wondering why she being made fun of.  When she
realizes that everything she kept a secret, she just told someone she barely knew. Big mistake, life as she knew it has changed forever. Instead of her being the person everyone loves. She is now the laughing stock of the school. Everyday, people are bullying her, making her feel worse about herself than she did before. Because of this bullying, she did to herself and what others did to her, she feels worthless. That there is no point in existing on this planet anymore. Hoping that she would be happier not having to wake up everyday feeling the way she feels. She wanted to stop the
pain and suffering, and she did.

Making fun of someone is called bullying. It could end someone's life that's why people should never make someone feel bad about themselves just because they want to feel good on the inside. Wanting to make people know you are not afraid to hurt others. That’s weakness and being afraid of what people might think of you instead of thinking about what you think of yourself.

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